“Yan Yu fu” : affectionate small warm male and rational abdomen black male how to choose, want to see specific situation

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Although there are some bugs in the plot, the story of Yan Yu Fu is quite attractive to a follower who has watched too much of the female lead.Qiu Yan, in particular, caught our eye from the very beginning.Some laugh at her scheming, some say she is clever, some hate her as a social climber.But from the perspective of God, we all know that from the beginning of the plot to now, she is just a sad and ordinary girl who is not willing to be teased by fate.Just as the words on the Internet said, if it was not for the leading role of the script, Qiu Yan’s behavior, like the “Know whether to know whether should be green fat red thin” mo LAN, especially the scene outside the private meeting male, is completely a copy of Mo LAN.Be arranged marriage indescribably, become a widow indescribably, very not easy escape from the pit of fire, became a chess piece in the home again however, want to pursue his happiness, be blocked everywhere by the person again however.The most important thing is that the people who stand in her way, one is the sister she has been protecting, the other is the wood chopping office (personal feeling is equivalent to the Ming Dynasty jinyi guards) officer who was kind to her when she was young.For a long time, we all like Qin Xuan’s affectionate, for Liang Yi’s plot belly black, we are a little benefit are not served, bullets in a piece of male and female master to repair the fruit of the voice.Although boasts of reason, but see men along the way, I feel in a subsequent story, Liang Yi crematoriums want to chase after wife, is not easy, according to former Liang Yi episodes, only after his wife next life to our heart of hatred, autumn yan deeply want to escape over the wall, already a success, but Liang Yi stun, she walked back and was pushed the autumn yan deeply into gehenna.However, when Qiu Yan and Liang Yi jointly investigated the bank note case, I found that Compared with Qin Xuan, Liang Yi seemed to be more suitable for Qiu Yan.Compared with Qin xuan’s affectionate style, Liang yi’s belly black calculation can protect Qiu Yan’s thoughtfulness more.Frankly speaking, if Qiu Yan is the favorite of the qiu family, Qin Xuan is really suitable for her, gentle and gentle, affectionate, responsible and responsible, after they come together, they will certainly become a pair of fairy couples.But unfortunately, Qiu Yan is not, in the Qiu family, Qiu Yan has to deal with the jealousy from her sister, her mother’s eccentricity, the calculation of other rooms, as long as the wrong step, is likely to be doomed.Qin Xuan is a good man, the biggest advantage is simple kindness, but in such an environment, his simple kindness has become the biggest short board.Qiu Yan smart is not false, but we have to admit, Qiu Yan’s smart after all is just clever, used to see recruit open recruit also go, but in the aspect of strateguing, she is still a little worse after all.Depending on Qin Xuan’s intelligence, want him to give advice for Qiu Yan, how much some difficult for him.In contrast, every step liang Yi takes from the beginning, no matter he takes advantage of his family, or later destroys Qiu Yan’s plan to pursue love, or even later tracks down fake bank notes, every step he takes seems to have nothing to do with each other, but in fact it is interlinked.If Qiu Yan really wants to break the ice and get rid of the current predicament, she must rely on Liang’s wisdom.I’ve always thought autumn now is more suitable for Qin Xuan, because two people are very simple (though the report now autumn basic things very hateful, but in my intuition, she just has exposed the ignorant, seem to hate, but is poisoned by the feudal thought to the poor man in his bones), and autumn now also do not need to deliberately to protect.However, what Qiu Yan needs now is not only a lover, but also someone who can plan everything for her and protect her. At this point, only Liang Yi meets the requirement.Compared with Qin’s gentleness, Liang yi’s iron determination plays an important role.In the process of tracing the silver case, Qin Xuan played a great role, it is because he took the initiative to bright identity, learned from the shopkeeper xiao Tie whereabouts.From the later stories, the so-called shopkeeper was not a good man either. He told them about The whereabouts of Xiao Tie just to save the car, but he did not think that he was actually just a pawn in the master’s hands.According to the address provided by the shopkeeper, Qiu Yan followed Qin Xuan to the suburban civilian area, accidentally ran into Liang Yi and Song Jin.While the four were talking, Shotie appeared.Xiao Tie is very cunning and deliberately uses beggars to create chaos. Fortunately, Qiu Yan throws out silver to attract beggars, and Liang Yi is able to escape.But Xiao Tie is not only cunning, but also very vicious. In a twinkling of an eye, he took the young children as hostages.At the critical moment, Liang Yi makes a decisive move. First, she stabilizes Xiao Tie with words, and then she wounds xiao Tie with a hidden weapon to control xiao Tie.Though Qin xuan was fighting alongside them, he stayed on the sidelines throughout, and Xiao Tie might have run away if Liang had not intervened.Later, Liang Yi and Qiu Yan fall into The hands of Ling Zheng. With the help of Song Jin, Ling Zheng is killed by an arrow and the rest of them have been brought to justice. When they all breathe a sigh of relief, one of them takes the opportunity to attack Qiu Yan.At this moment, we see qin xuan’s growth, but for qiu Yan, who is surrounded by enemies, his growth rate is still a little slow. Once Qiu Yan encounters danger, when he reacts, Qiu Yan may have long gone.Of course, there is the most important point, that is the origin of the two people.Liang’s father is dead, and his mother respects her son’s opinion, and would probably not object if liang said he wanted to marry Qiu.However, when it comes to Qin xuan, this is not the case at all. When Qiu Yan met qin Xuan, qin’s parents still beat yuanyang and slapped Qin in the face in the street.Although it is just a detail, it is not difficult to find that in qin’s family, qin xuan’s words do not count at all. Although Qin Xuan is very decisive at present, I think that once his parents and Qiu Yan stand on the opposite side, he is likely to be in a dilemma again.Not because his feelings are not firm, but the Qin family many brothers, Qin Xuan is not the eldest son, he can not make his own decisions.To some extent, the words “parents’ orders and matchmakers’ words” not only trapped the women in the feudal society, but also trapped the women in the feudal society.To some extent, this story with “know whether know whether should be green fat red thin” is very similar, Qi Heng Qi little grandpa affectionate, but his marriage can not independent, but gu Tingye, because there is no extra obstacles, and natural fortitude, to protect Sheng Minglan.I even think that Qin xuan fell in love with Qiu Yan just because she was different from other women he knew, so he had a strong curiosity. When he really understood qiu Yan’s inner pain, it is likely that his attitude would change.Not love, but he will understand that they can not give Qiu Yan want happiness.Come to think of it carefully, no matter Qin xuan or others, they are all poor people teased by fate. Only people like Qiu Yan and Liang Yi can truly control their own destiny.Of course, back to the most fundamental problem, or because Qin Xuan is not the leading role of the cause.Because he is a supporting role, so no matter how good he once got cards, because of this and that reason, miss the best happiness in vain.Only hope behind the story, Qin Xuan not because of love and not black, if so, it is difficult for us to say “male master is female, male two is everyone’s” such words.When we are young, we think that love is enough if two people like each other. But as adults, we realize that love is a game of being in the right place at the right time.Just like Qin Xuan and Qiu Yan, although they liked each other, they did not catch up with the best time and did not have the corresponding family background, so it was difficult for them to succeed.Especially now Liang Yi has a good impression of Qiu Yan, and Qiu Yan also began to know Liang Yi, Qin Xuan and Qiu Yan wait for him, is bound to miss this happiness.Of course, Qin Xuan is not impossible to hold the beauty, but in this way, he is bound to choose between filial piety and love, according to his personality, it is likely to choose Qiu Yan.But in this way, Qiu Yan can not go through his heart, even if reluctantly come together, will become a lifetime of qiu Yan’s psychological burden.Such a thing, Qiu Yan certainly will not let it happen.Just so, she began to attract Qin Xuan’s behavior, some of the number of people criticized.Although excusable, but Qin Xuan heart of loss, is indeed caused by her.We often say it’s better to be airborne, but in this case, it’s probably better to be airborne.After all, the strong combination of Qiu Yan and Liang Yi is still more appropriate.Screenshot of YAN Yu Fu (original is not easy, if reproduced, please indicate the source.)