Liu Bang to restore population, after all came up with what method?So many people applauded?

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The Qin Dynasty wiped out six states and unified China.But the king of Qin was tyrannical and the people were still suffering.But his achievements were also great, unifying the country’s writing system, weights and measures, and building the Great Wall to defend against the Huns.It can be said that the unification of the Qin Dynasty has established immortal exploits for the development of the later Wenming dynasty.But Liu Bang, Xiang Yu and others were forced to revolt, and successfully overthrew the Qin Dynasty.The Chu and Han states fought each other bitterly, but liu Bang finally took over the kingdom.The world was stable, but Liu Bang found that successive wars had caused the country’s population to become scarce.The scarcity of people left much of the land uncultivated, so as emperor he devised a way to increase the population.But this method women hate him, many men praise.As Hu Hai, the second Emperor of the Qin Dynasty, became addicted to drinking and sex, the eunuch Zhao Gao and the prime minister Li Si joined hands to control the government.Zhao one session of eunuch only know how to support their own position, in order to consolidate their power, regardless of the people.Reese saw it, but he was no longer in charge.This led to uprisings everywhere.Liu Bang, whose original name was Liu Ji, was just a pavilion master.Because lead the team to act as a slave late, so all people have to behead, but in the deep mountains beheaded white snake uprising.Later, I met Xiang Yu, who was tall and powerful and had strong martial arts. They defeated the Qin Army together.The Qin Dynasty was overthrown.There could only be one emperor, and this led to great wars.Xiang Yu’s army was brave but lacked wisdom.The strategist, Fan Zeng, was also a wizard in the world, but he was forced to leave the camp by Chen Ping, one of Liu Bang’s subordinates.Liu Bang elected xian ju can, and xiao He, Zhang Liang, Han Xin, Cao Shen, Fan Kuai and other people perform their respective duties.But after all, there is no general who can call the shots.Fan Kuai, Zhou Bo they fought bravely, and indeed can make the three army shocked.But they, like Xiang Yu, knew nothing of stratagems and could only charge.Xiao He managed all the cities in perfect order, but he did not know the art of war, only knew how to stabilize the country.So Zhang Liang temporarily assumed the post of general.Zhang Liang was resourceful, intelligent and knew a little about the art of war.Under The leadership of Zhang Liang, the troops did not play an effective attack and defense.And his tactics often confounded his generals.Then Han Xin replaced Zhang Liang when the general.Han Xin read and wrote a secret strategy.Often use the terrain to win by the weak, reverse thinking to deduce the idea of the enemy’s main general, so as to take the corresponding tactics.With Han Xin under his command, Liu Bang’s army soon took over the whole country, forcing Xiang Yu to commit suicide at the Wujiang River.When Liu Bang ascended the throne, he dared not slack off.He was busy with farming, supervising merchants, developing the military and reorganizing officials.Xiao He, the prime minister, and Zhang Liang, the counsellor, were also fully assisted and jointly controlled the peaceful and stable development of the Han Dynasty.But suddenly Liu Bang found a phenomenon that the country had a lot of arable land, but some of it had been abandoned.This made Liu Bang more and more curious about why the allocated land would rather be abandoned than planted.If every household does this, the country’s grain production will be reduced, and the people will fall into the dilemma of not having enough to eat.Later through a private search, data exploration finally found that the original is not the people become lazy, but there are other hidden situation.With the qin Dynasty, the labor force of every household was drained away, leaving only women, children and children to work at home.Later, at the end of the Qin Dynasty, years of war, even laborers and criminals were sent to the battlefield.Therefore, although the world is unified now, there are very few males.In addition to the soldiers who now join the Han Army, so the arable land of the people is not able to cultivate.Liu Bang wanted to disarm, but remembered that although the world was calm, but the North huns are still eager to try, other ethnic groups are also eyeing eyeing.So you can’t do without the army.There can only be one solution to this dilemma.That is to promote fertility and increase the population.Facing the current situation of more women than men, Liu Bang issued a policy.Single women of marriageable age who are not married will be taxed on the family.And this tax should not stop until the woman gets married, and the tax is very heavy.This has forced many unmarried daughters to marry off quickly.However, when a woman gets married, a new family is formed, and the life of the new family will be very expensive.As a result, many poor men are reluctant to get married at such an early age, and Liu Bang introduced a new policy to address this phenomenon.Every time a child is born, family taxes are reduced for two years.This kind of treatment is very good, alleviates the man to worry about the situation of living.So people began to prepare for marriage, have also opened the era of childbearing.It is not easy to raise a daughter from small to big when there is a daughter at home.It was the daughter who had to be pampered more, so there was a little pressure on the family.But when the daughter finally grew up, taxes were too high for the poor.In order to solve their financial difficulties, they had to marry quickly to reduce taxes.The policy worked very well when it was put forward.Within a few months there were few unmarried women.A few years later, the rate of population growth skyrocketed.Ten years later, abandoned farming has gradually resumed, and the country’s economic and food development has improved significantly.According to statistics, the han population increased nearly sixfold in just a few years.Later, the emperors after the Han Dynasty also carried out this policy.In the worst case, if there is a unmarried woman over the age of 15 in the family, the single tax will be doubled every year.So many people can’t afford it.But the policy also has drawbacks.After all, at that time, the male population was small, so it was impossible to be monogamous under the pressure of such a heavy single tax.To avoid the single tax, many men, even if they had no talent, no virtue and no money, would have several concubines.Not only that, ancient medical conditions were backward.Having a baby is a big event in a woman’s life.You could say that giving birth is like a woman going through a robbery.Without medical care, many women died in childbirth.From this Angle, Liu Bang is also a sinner.Liu Bang’s plan was clever and successfully solved the difficulties of the time.But he was immoral, because at that time, many women, in order to reduce the burden of the family, married the man they did not like.There are also many women eager to marry and have children, died in childbirth above.But the men took wives and even concubines.The men applauded.In today’s monogamous society, there is no such thing as a single tax.So you should still find someone you love to marry and have children.Don’t rush to get married and spend your life with someone you don’t love like the Han Dynasty did.This is unfair to both men and women.