Putin is backed into a corner, China’s door is blocked, in the face of the DOUBLE pressure of the US military, China and Russia showed their swords

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Russia is strategically cornered in crisis.The US military is even more direct threat to China’s doorstep. In the face of double-front pressure, China and Russia have displayed their geostrategic wisdom in a timely manner.On January 25, Russia’s Sputnik News agency reported that the China-Russia “Sea of Peace 2022” joint military exercise was held in the Arabian Sea.The Russian navy also includes some members of the Pacific Fleet.It is interesting that not long ago, China, Russia and Iran held joint military exercises in the Persian Gulf, from which they could enter the Arabian Sea via the Gulf of Oman, and then the Indian Ocean.It is Iran’s only sea route to the outside world.So why did China and Russia hold another military exercise in nearby waters just a few days later?In fact, China and Russia also have their own reasons and have to show their swords to “counter”.At present, both China and Russia are caught in the double pressure of the United States.On the Russian side, the Ukraine war with NATO is still going on. On January 24th, Japan also announced its intervention in the Ukraine crisis, indicating that the direction of the Pacific Ocean in eastern Russia is no longer peaceful. The United States and Japan may attack Russia from the Sea and the Pacific Ocean at any time.On the Chinese side, several US aircraft carriers and “quasi-aircraft carrier” formations have participated in military exercises in the Philippine Sea and the South China Sea. It is clear that the US is concerned that the Chinese mainland may take advantage of the Ukraine crisis to withdraw Taiwan or openly support Russia in the Pacific.In fact, in terms of the current pressure suffered by China and Russia alone, Russia is undoubtedly under greater pressure, especially in the Direction of the Pacific Ocean. Russia’s Pacific fleet is relatively weak, which may be more than enough to deal with Japan, but it is far from enough to deal with the US army.So now Russia is close to being backed into a corner and the only thing that can be counted on is the PLA.On the Chinese side, several US aircraft carrier exercises are not a threat to China. What China is really worried about is a total blockade by the US.With the current state of affairs of the US, it is not appropriate to expect war with both China and Russia.However, the Ukraine crisis is too serious and may lead to a war at any time. If the war only breaks out in the European battlefield, it is ok. Once the United States decides to cooperate with Japan in the Direction of the Pacific Ocean to jointly attack the eastern side of Russia, Russia is impossible to resist without the help of China.The US was worried that China would take the opportunity to take action, so it specially sent a large number of naval forces around China to demonstrate its ability to block the PLA in the southeast coast of the Chinese mainland.In terms of sheer strength, the PLA is not afraid of the United States, but it is hard not to worry about the United States blocking the entire Chinese mainland through trade channels. The key is oil, and the Chinese mainland has a huge demand for imported oil.China, Russia and Iran held military exercises in the Persian Gulf in order to maintain the access road from Iran to the sea. As long as this access road is not blocked, the Mainland can import oil from Iran, and the US blockade will be ineffective.But something has happened in recent days that directly makes Iran less reliable.The US is overjoyed by Iran’s sudden willingness to resume talks with the US, with State Department spokesman Ned Price calling for urgent “direct talks” with Iran.Previously, because the former President of the United States trump run amok, forcibly from “the Iranian nuclear agreement”, sanctions on Iran, lead to destruction of u.s.-iran relations, biden became the President of the United States, have long sought to restore “the Iranian nuclear agreement”, to repair relations with Iran, but Iran unilaterally refused, so Iran until now, has been the British law countries boycott,Only China and Russia have expressed support for Iran.But now Iran is willing to talk directly to The United States. Once the United States goes back to the “Iran nuclear deal”, the naval alliance between China, Russia and Iran will be meaningless.At that time, China and Russia can only rely on their own maintenance of oil routes from Iran to the Chinese mainland, so as to ensure that the Chinese mainland will not be blocked by the US oil supply.Therefore, this time, China and Russia are flashing swords, is a response to the US side’s drawing Iran, let the US side understand that even if Iran remains neutral in the dispute between China and the US, Russia and the US, China and Russia are still not afraid of the US blockade, if the US wants to harrow Russia from the Pacific direction, it must be ready to fully confront the PLA!