China lost Japan, three data miserable, defender eyes defense, a detail pit miserable Li Xiaopeng

2022-07-13 0 By

China’s men’s national football team traveled across the ocean to play away against Asian powerhouse Japan in the World Cup qualifying round of 12 in Asia.China lost 2-0 to Japan and failed to qualify for the 2022 Qatar World Cup due to the disparity between the two sides.Throughout the game, the team’s players on the pitch, the performance of both individual technique and tactical team as a whole, rather than the Japanese team has obvious gap, there are three details also made countless fans feel cold, one is the game’s starting goalkeeper YanJunLing, repeatedly appeared a mistake on the pitch, even in the first half, when he was a goal-kick,Directly kicked the ball out of the sideline, such a poor individual ability, but still can occupy the first Chinese men’s football team, which can not help but make people feel a little ashamed.Second is this game, the overall performance of the National football team also makes people feel a long story.The match, we in possession to a 36-64 fully behind, shooting times are in the ratio of 2 to 17 in the absolute, the most unacceptable, is the game, the team’s in terms of corner frequency, is also in the ratio of 1 to 11 obvious gap, the entire game in the first half, even the other half will be difficult for us in the past, the offensive sets apart from back,Only aimless open feet, no threat.Let a person feel the chilling, the third point is the team’s second goal of the game, the two central defender and Zheng Zheng Zhu Chen jie, the extremely serious mistake, in the east pure is the header of the defensive in Iraq, standing in the middle of the area and Zheng Zheng Zhu Chen jie, both the inattention, they even haven’t been able to find the east pure also on offense,The two men looked at each other as if they had nothing to do with it.Li Xiaopeng or li3 tie3, for the team’s defense, all did not do anything to improve, 12 strong since, defence multiple occurrences of low-level error, root causes, or because of our individual technology, the overall defensive attention cannot remain highly concentrated, can only say that our players do have very obvious gap with each other,The score of 0-2 is also the embodiment of the real level. For Li Xiaopeng, the fans should understand more, complain less and question more, and give him more time!