The 100-year-old grandmother, who has special habits before meals and still has black hair, looks at the secret of longevity

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Chen Li, a 100-year-old grandmother, was born in June 1921.She turns 100 this year.She comes from Beiyuanjiazhuang Village, Nanhu Town, Donggang District, Rizhao city, Shandong Province.Beiyuanjiazhuang village is located on the north bank of Rizhao Reservoir, just a few hundred meters away from the reservoir.The scenery here is beautiful, the air is fresh, the people are simple, the rural environment is clean, there is no hustle and bustle of the city, only the quiet of the countryside.Arguably, it’s a better place to grow old.One fall morning, our centenarian search group and three people arrived at the village half an hour after a guided voyage from Rizhao.Before visiting our 100-year-old grandmother, we called her family ahead of time and were a bit surprised to learn she was home alone.Grandma’s family says she’s taking care of herself and doesn’t need special care.Usually, she only needs to prepare daily necessities for the elderly, so her sons are busy with their own business.Although the centenarian’s family was not nearby, we thought it would be easy to find her once we reached grandma’s village.Sure enough, finding grandma’s house was a success.When we came to the village, some aunts and uncles were cleaning the street.After learning of our intentions, they kept praising their 100-year-old grandmother.They said she was too old and still lived alone to be cared for by her children.It was a real blessing for her children.An enthusiastic uncle dropped his work and led us straight to the door of the centenarian grandmother’s house.”Grandma, are you home alone?Aren’t the children home?””Oh, I’m home alone.The kids are out making money.”Chen Li, a 100-year-old grandmother, told us that she doesn’t need to be taken care of by her children and doesn’t want to disturb them for fear of wasting their time earning money, so she lives at home alone.Grandma says her three sons and three daughters are doing well.Some live in the city, some in the village.She now has four grandchildren and two daughters-in-law.Sun’s daughter and nephew are also very nice and visit her often.She has a kind heart.You see, she doesn’t need children to serve her.She cooks her own food and grows this garden.”A neighbor’s elder sister gathered around.She told us that the 100-year-old granny Chen Li was good-natured and had no temper.She speaks slowly and is kind to everyone.There was no one in the village who didn’t say she was fine.The old man is still living well.She didn’t care about the clothes and quilts the children bought, or the things they gave her when they came to visit.She wrapped them in plastic paper and put them on the kang.”When she was growing up, the children didn’t have enough to eat.Seeing that her children were hungry, she refused to eat herself.She took pity on other people’s children and told them not to be hungry.”The neighbor’s eldest sister said, “How kind is this old man?It was an ant that bit her.She couldn’t bear to step on an ant.If you talk to her, she will often tell you that if you do well, you will be rewarded.The old man also had a special habit.Before each meal, she must order with chopsticks to pay homage to her ancestors, then ask others if they have eaten before eating herself.Grandma says people can’t think about themselves all the time.They have to think of others first.If they are kind to others, they will be kind to others.”My mother’s family belonged to Xujiazhuang.My father didn’t exist in his 80s.My mother didn’t exist until she was 40.I was 12 years old.”Chen Li, a centenarian, said she once had two brothers.When she was eight or nine, she didn’t get sick.Her mother died of illness when she was a teenager.Later, her father found her a stepmother and fathered two sisters, one of whom lived to be 55 and the other to be in her 70s.Grandma said her stepmother was not very nice to her and often looked for little things to show her face, but she was honest, timid and afraid to say anything.Even if it was bad for her, she could not resist it, for her stepmother was also an elder.”My mother had three children.I was ugly, and I had committed so many crimes.How can I live so old?I had my feet tied up when I was eight or nine.My mother said to tie my feet and find a good mother-in-law when I grow up, or I won’t want one when I grow up.My mother didn’t have it until I found my mother-in-law’s house.Chen Li, the grandmother, said she was tired at the hands of her stepmother.She just lets herself work.She didn’t find her mother-in-law’s house until she was in her 20s.After marrying her husband, her family was also poor.At that time, there was no land.Her husband gives people Zamihan (the landlord’s long-time worker) leads a group of people to build houses on the walls.He was tired and ill.Later, he joined society, unable to do heavy work (heavy work), and slowly became tired (death).The children’s father died early, I pulled these children suffer.I have a small foot and can’t work.The children are small.I couldn’t find work and I couldn’t get much food.Children often go hungry.”Chen Li, a centenarian, says that without food, she eats leaves, grass and bran.She chopped dried sweet potato seedlings with a knife, ground them into flour with a stone, sifted them in a basket and fried them in a pan.That’s how she ate it.If she doesn’t eat, she’ll faint from hunger.Once, there were no good sweet potato seedlings.She looked at the sweet potato seedlings fed to the cattle and told them to urinate.She also picks them up, washes them with water and grates and eats them.Grandma says she talks about these things with her kids now, and they don’t believe it.”Then the land was allocated to me and the children were old enough to work.Things are getting better for my family.It is thanks to the goodness of the country that I am still alive.”Chen Li, a centenarian, says the children are doing well and getting enough to eat.However, she kept telling the children that if the country is bad, you will starve to death.Now the state gives her a pension, so she doesn’t have to spend her children’s money, or she has to ask them for money.It also provides rice, flour and oil.It basically doesn’t cost the kids money.It’s not all for the good of the country!”Now I have people coming to see me every day (superiors, village volunteers, caring people, etc.), building a toilet for me, installing electric wires for me, and coming to see me use a fire.I’m afraid I’ll catch fire when I’m not young.I think it’s better than me, and my son doesn’t visit me every day.Isn’t that a good society?”Chen Li, a centenarian, said that people are very nice nowadays.They brought her food, visited her, and asked if she had money to spend.Now that they are old, they can’t spend money on her.They cannot work (mobility), walk or buy things.”When I was 62, I had a bit of an upset stomach.I went to rizhao city hospital for surgery, removed a five or six kilograms of tumor.I had no money at the time, so my children lent me a therapy loan.My family cured it by borrowing 200,000 yuan.At that time, my daughter’s home is very close to the city, thank you thank her every day there to take care of me.Chen Li, a 100-year-old grandmother, said none of her six children were filial and she could not say no.Both her son’s family and daughter’s family sent her food.Now there is no shortage of food and she is no longer hungry.”.