Biden says Russia will Invade Ukraine ‘Within days’

2022-07-14 0 By

The media in the US and some western countries predicted that Russia would invade Ukraine on September 16, only to be “slapped in the face”.However, the Us and the West have not stopped hyping up the “war theory”.US President Joseph Biden said on Thursday that he was “confident” That Russian President Vladimir Putin had “already decided” to go to war and that an attack could take place “within days”.Mr Biden had said the US was unsure whether Mr Putin was ready to “go on the offensive”.Biden said on Monday that the U.S. has adjusted its prediction based on the latest intelligence. “At this point, I’m sure he has made a decision,” biden said.”We have reason to believe that Russian forces are planning or attempting to attack Ukraine within a week or within days,” including Kiev, the capital, Mr. Biden said.Biden did not elaborate further.The Russian Ministry of National Defense recently reported on several occasions that the Russian troops that completed the exercise are pulling back from the Border area between Russia and Ukraine.But the United States and NATO insist that instead of withdrawing Russian troops, they have increased them.A US government official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Russia had recently moved as many as 7,000 additional troops to the Border with Ukraine, some of them arriving on The 16th.The official gave no evidence.Another US defence official told the Associated Press that the Russian military had increased the number of “battalion-level battle groups” on the Border with Ukraine from 83 two weeks ago to 125, with 750 to 1,000 troops each.About 40 to 50 percent of Russian ground forces are already in offensive positions, the official said.”There are too many groundless claims,” Putin said Monday, referring to the war rumors spread by the West. “Responding to them often outweighed the gains.We are doing what we think is necessary and will continue to do so.We have clear objectives that are in the national interest.”The Russian military will launch ballistic and cruise missiles during a planned strategic deterrent force exercise under the command of President Vladimir Putin on Friday, the Russian Defense Ministry said Monday.Russian presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov said the ongoing exercises were absolutely transparent and should not cause any concern.The Russian military is currently holding a joint military exercise with belarus, which is scheduled to end on The 20th.Peskov said on The 17th that after the end of the military exercise, The Russian troops will return to their posts and will not stay in Belarus.The situation in eastern Ukraine has escalated in recent days.According to Reuters, the intensity of fighting between rebels and government forces in eastern Ukraine on Sunday was not seen since 2015.Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky on Monday inspected a naval base in Donetsk prefecture and Ukrainian military positions along the ceasefire demarcation line, according to the Presidential palace.Ukrainian civilian forces in Luhansk prefecture shelled an area controlled by government forces Monday, hitting a kindergarten and wounding two civilians, according to a military statement.The rebels accused government forces of firing first.A bomb attack outside a government building in The city of Donetsk on The 18th is believed to have targeted a vehicle belonging to a militia leader.Two explosions rocked the city of Luhansk on Wednesday, one targeting a gas pipeline and the other targeting a vehicle service station.Ukraine’s military says a U.N. humanitarian convoy has been shelled by insurgents in luhansk.The rebels denied it and accused the Ukrainian military of deliberate provocation.The armed forces of Donetsk and Luhansk regions announced on The 18th that they would transfer 700,000 civilians living in these two regions to Russia, because “Zelensky will soon give the order to attack this region”.The Ukrainian government denies the militias’ claims.”We are fully committed to resolving the crisis through diplomatic means only,” Ukrainian Foreign Minister Demitro Culeba said on Twitter.Editor: Wang Letao Source: Xinhua News Agency