Big Bang theory wrong?The universe is 13.8 billion years old, a star is 16 billion years old

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In ancient times, the “universe” was not really big, just some structures or parts of ancient people’s houses, very insignificant.For example, “Yu” in the Book of Songs · Bin Of the Area · July means eaves and verandas in the book of Songs · Bin of the Area · July, while “Zhou” means “pillars” in Huainan Zi · Lanming.However, as time goes by, yu and Zhou gradually expand from small parts into space and the sky.In Zhuangzi, “the sun and the moon are beside the universe” already has the space-time meaning of the present “universe”. Later poets and writers also have a more extensive understanding of the “universe”, pointing to an infinite range.With the influx of scientific knowledge in modern times, we gradually realize that the universe is the general term for all time, space and matter, including everything and rules.Scientists usually like to study what it is, why, and where it came from. We probably all have a general idea of what the universe is, so let’s take a quick look at where the universe came from.Using observations from hundreds of years of astronomical equipment and data gathered in the process, astronomers have dug deep into the origins of the universe and have come up with a widely accepted theory of origin — the “Big Bang Cosmology”.This hypothesis holds that the universe formed about 13.8 billion years ago from the explosive expansion of an infinitely small, infinitely heavy and infinitely hot singularity.In fact, early even scoff at Albert Einstein, don’t believe in “the big bang cosmology” point of view, and his theory of relativity is derived formula, due to Benedict line of the universe is constant, even for the formula adds a “cosmological constant,” in case of a formula of the universe changes data.But two years after Lemaitre proposed the modern big Bang theory in 1927, another astronomer, Hubble, discovered the redshift in the universe’s distant galaxies and concluded that the universe was expanding outward.The finding also means that long ago, the universe was not as dense as it is today, and that there may indeed have been a point in time called the Big Bang, when all matter was in an infinitesimal singularity.When Albert Einstein learned of the event, he met with Hubble, who led him to the observatory to witness the redshift.And scientists greatness is unfolding here, though they will for their own stick to become the “truth” short “stubborn”, but when Albert Einstein realized his mistake, found that due to their own subjective thinking, influence of scientific conclusions, he immediately changed his equations, will have to delete the “cosmological constant”.Until later, more and more astronomers worked together to shape and expand the current big Bang theory of the universe.We now know that the universe began about 13.8 billion years ago, when the universe was a magical singularity. It took a long time to evolve until it exploded, which is the age of the universe.Surprisingly, while the Big Bang theory has been widely accepted, it has been repeatedly doubted by a small number of people because of an ancient star, HD140283, also known as Methuselah because of its age.Methuselah is the name of the oldest person in the Bible who lived 969 years.How long did Methuselah live?By the turn of the millennium, in 2000, astronomers had discovered that the star was 16 billion years old, using measurements from the Ipaku satellite, a high-precision parallax satellite that specializes in measuring distant stars.A discovery like Ipaku would certainly send shockwaves through the astronomical world. Given the age of the universe, which is only 13.8 billion years old, this star is 16 billion years older than Methuselah, which means Methuselah is older than the universe, but how is that possible?Before the birth of the universe, the world only existed in an infinitesimal and infinitely heavy singularity, and all matter had not yet been produced, so where did this star appear? Is the big Bang theory of the universe wrong, and the world was not produced by the explosion and expansion of a singularity?That question has filled the minds of astronomers, and many of them and other groups have been digging deeper into the star, crunches and crunches through data from various astronomical instruments to try to figure out how old Methuselah really is.True stellar ages?At the same time, some astronomers have suggested that experimental errors may have caused Methuselah’s age to be incorrect.The most likely errors are two, one of which may be because astronomers tend to estimate the size and age of main sequence stars based on their brightness and distance.In other words, astronomers derive Methuselah’s approximate age from the visual brightness of the star seen by astronomical instruments, plus the distance calculated from it.The brightness of the star is relatively easy to solve, but distances are often measured based on parallax, which varies very slightly from Angle to Angle as the Earth rotates. It may be that this inaccuracy in distance is causing Methuselah’s star to age too much.Another error may be due to the stars, the content of oxygen in the oxygen in the “Methuselah” star iron accounted for more than previously estimated data, and in the process of expanding development after the explosion of the universe, oxygen is also a kind of very rare elements, may be this is cause astronomers measure “Methuselah” star is too old.Howard and his team on the bond “Methuselah” star is studied, think “Methuselah” star age may be in 14.46 billion, although it seems to be less than originally in 16 billion, but still is earlier than the origin of the universe around 13.8 billion time, is still belong to the “time paradox” of the universe.Parallel universe some scientists think that this is probably because the universe is a parallel universe, and that is to say, in addition to the universe we live in, in fact, there are other cosmic world, they may come from a separation in the universe, and the original universe world presents a similar but not identical.Methuselah’s star probably came from a parallel universe that had a big bang earlier than our own, and thus a star 16 billion years or 14.46 billion years older than our own.The collision between our universe and another universe happened at different times, leaving such an obvious “bug” and causing a shock in the astronomy community.And, of course, another possibility is that astronomers from about the age of the universe is not accurate, because although we have a lot of different astronomical equipment, can undertake thorough observation and study of the universe, but we will only live in a small earth ordinary biology, we are observing the phenomenon of also however is just a few hundred years between changes.Perhaps the cosmic redshift we are currently discovering is just one breath in the life of the universe.What’s more, the matter of the universe is very complex, it not only contains a variety of known substances, there are a lot of dark matter and dark energy, the hiding places well, has never been humans perceive, probably human astronomical device has been influenced by the unknown material, cause we observed phenomenon have some error.However, these are just speculations. Science is called “science” because some of its processes and conclusions require extensive theoretical support and actual evidence, rather than just “lip service” to confuse black and white.After all, even Einstein radically changed his understanding of the universe because of an actual cosmic data point called redshift, and evidence is the cornerstone of science.