In the first joke of 2022, Australia and Lithuania have agreed to work together against China

2022-07-14 0 By

Although the 2022 annual ring has already started for more than a month, for most Chinese people accustomed to using the lunar calendar, the Spring Festival holiday just passed really means the beginning of the pre-2022 journey in some way.With the Year of the Tiger and the Beijing Winter Olympics, most people had a very full holiday.But few people expected that in the last few days, the international community was born the first joke of 2022.On February 8, local time, Lithuanian Foreign Minister Landzberges arrived in Australia for a working visit.The two newly emerged anti-China countries discussed how to cooperate with each other in the anti-China work and jointly cope with the “economic coercion” from China.At a joint press conference by Australia’s foreign ministers, both sides agreed that their countries were under “economic threat” from China.Lithuania’s foreign minister bragged that Australia had been the first country to be included in China’s “exclusive club” of economic and trade abuses, and that his country would not be “the last”.It is the common goal of Australia and Lithuania to create the image of the “victim” of China’s “economic oppression”, so as to win the sympathy and support of most countries in the world, especially western developed capitalist countries.Under the background of increasing anti-China sentiment in the Western world and the rise of extreme right-wing forces in international politics, Australia and Italy believe there is enough space for their joint efforts.According to public information, the total value of Australia’s 12 major commodities exported to China in the first nine months of 2021 decreased by 12.6 billion US dollars compared with the same period in 2019. These include bulk energy commodities such as iron ore and coal, as well as daily necessities such as wine and beef.If Australia can still “resist” for some time with its own economic base, Lithuania, with a population of less than 3 million, will suffer a complete collapse of its domestic economy as a direct result of its bad relations with China.In December 2021, Lithuania’s total export to China was only 3.35 million euros, down 91.4% from the same period last year. “Lithuanian goods have almost disappeared from the Chinese market” is not an alarmist report by foreign media.In addition to jointly shaping their own “victim” image, Australia and Lithuania also agreed to strengthen the two countries in various fields, especially diplomatic and economic cooperation, to jointly deal with strategic challenges, agreed to cooperate “against China”.Although two foreign minister looks promising, but expect a southern Pacific energy exports as the main economic form of “western countries goalkeeper,” and another body, oil-rich country in eastern Europe, compete in the world’s second largest economy, and the first big industrial countries in any meaningful way, not reality.For this reason, Australia and Lithuania’s “joint anti-China campaign” is regarded as the biggest joke of 2022.From the perspective of today’s international community, the so-called “anti-China” has always been a false proposition.America’s diplomatic, economic and military field and the fierce confrontation, its fundamental purpose is not focusing on China itself, but because of the rapid development of China and the world of the rapidly emerging threat to the United States has long been established hegemony system, at present only to tamp down China completely, the United States to consolidate their international governance system again.As for “anti-China”, it is only a prerequisite for the United States to achieve its ultimate goal.Otherwise, why did the United States not advocate anti-China as it does today during the Cold War, but actively co-opt China?American anti-chinese strategy to achieve their goals, has established based the us-japan Australia printed “quartet dialogue” and the anglo-australian, orcus organization related members is one of the world and regional powers, has a relatively strong economic strength and strong military strength, even so, these organizations are not like the outside world is expected to be on the cooperation against China made obvious progress.Instead, the U.S. is at a disadvantage on both fronts, Japan is outgrowing China economically and militarily, India has failed in border disputes, and Australia’s export sector is under more pressure than at any time in decades.It is better to pull back from the brink and turn back as soon as possible.