Lianhua Street, Wuhua District, Kunming city set off a new upsurge of anti-electric fraud propaganda

2022-07-14 0 By

To effectively enhance the area of the masses to prevent telecom network fraud awareness, prevention and reduce the occurrence of telecom network fraud cases, recently, Kunming City Wuhua District Lianhua street to carry out nationwide anti-telecom network fraud propaganda month special action.Leaders take the lead to consolidate responsibility for telecom network fraud methods constantly renovation and upgrading, the age of the swindled shows a younger trend, On March 17, Lianhua street held the deployment of new telecom network fraud, notified the area of the new telecom network fraud since 2022.The formation of the street in charge of the leadership to take the lead, the street comprehensive control office specific grasp, the main community leaders take the initiative to seize the anti-fraud propaganda work pattern.In order to ensure the detailed implementation of anti-telephering propaganda work, the meeting made it clear that the monthly report of the community telephering incidence rate by the local police station, ineffective publicity, cases did not reduce, the incidence rate of the top three community secretaries will make a statement at the briefing.At the same time, 3000 anti-fraud posters and 400 anti-fraud posters were made.After the meeting, the streets and communities immediately took action, in each district channel carefully arranged anti-telephering propaganda elements, in the district of schools, densely populated areas of the striking position of anti-telephering propaganda posters, hanging anti-telephering propaganda banners.On March 25, Lianhua Street organized volunteers, grid members and community workers in the spring City of the district to carry out anti-electric fraud publicity activities in jiangbei community in conjunction with the Macun police station.In the publicity activities, publicity personnel and the masses patient communication, on-site answers to the masses’ questions.In plain language, lively case the mass propaganda on what is a telecommunications network fraud, telecom network swindlers tactic, common routines, identify the telecom network fraud methods such as knowledge, to remind people not to easily believe that network brush single rebate, pretend to be customer fraud, insurance fraud means such as stop protect.Inform the masses if encounter suspicious circumstances, do not listen to, do not believe, do not transfer money, do not remit money, to immediately report to the police, and the community police linkage, so that the telecommunications network fraudsters have no place to hide.Guide the public to register the anti-fraud mini program “Admiralty jar”, guard their “money bag”.Lianhua Street will also be anti-fraud slogans, anti-fraud tips, anti-fraud case short video and other information forward to the area of the owners, circle of friends, through the LED screen rolling playback, community public video timing and other forms, anti-fraud knowledge spread to every corner, to the maximum extent to improve the area of the people recognize fraud ability.Collaborative operation to improve the quality and efficiency of Lianhua street will be anti-electric fraud propaganda and floating population and rental housing assistant inspector investigation organically combined, so that the assistant agent avatar anti-electric fraud propagandist, door-to-door face-to-face propaganda, anti-fraud knowledge propaganda to households, propaganda to people, so that the anti-electric fraud propaganda coverage, no dead corner.Lianhua Street has carried out a series of anti-fraud publicity activities involving the cadres of street organs, community cadres, volunteers of Spring City, grid members, coordinators, community police and the people under the district.The local people further enhanced the “immunity” to resist electric fraud, effectively contained the situation of high incidence of electric fraud crimes, and laid a solid foundation for the construction of peace and harmony lotus.Source: General Administration Office, Lianhua Street, Wuhua District, Kunming city, Political and Legal Committee of kunming Municipal Party Committee