Nearly 3,000 flights are canceled as a winter storm hits the northeastern United States

2022-07-14 0 By

China News Service New York, January 29 (reporter Ma Delin)A winter storm hit the northeastern United States Monday, dumping snow on New York, Massachusetts and New Jersey and cancelling nearly 3,000 flights.New York City received its biggest snowfall of the winter on January 29 as a winter storm hit the northeastern United States.A passer-by covers his face as he walks in Queens.It was the biggest snowfall in New York this winter.Parts of Long Island were expected to get up to 2 feet of snow, according to PIX11, a local New York media outlet.New York City, the Lower Hudson Valley and northeastern New Jersey are expected to get less snow, with 6 inches to 12 inches expected.The snow was accompanied by strong winds, with the New York Times reporting gusts of up to 65 miles per hour (105 kilometers per hour) in New York City.At JFK, Newark and Laguardia airports around New York City, 2,054 flights were canceled in the morning, more than half of all canceled flights nationwide, according to Flight Aware, an aviation information website.Boston’s Logan International Airport canceled 616 flights and Philadelphia International Airport 306.New York Governor Hochel said at a press conference on the same day, New York state has counted nearly 500 households without power, the number is expected to increase, but there are no reports of widespread power outages;Traffic on the New York City subway system is mostly normal, with only a few stations closed.She urged residents to stay at home if possible and avoid unnecessary travel;When traveling, motor vehicles should be properly equipped to avoid danger.The New York Times reported that more than 115,000 homes in Massachusetts were without power throughout the day and the outages were expected to expand.Forecasters said the snow in New York City would gradually stop by the afternoon of The 29th, and on Long Island it could continue into the night.The wind is likely to continue until the morning of The 30th.The next two days will remain cold, with lows as low as minus 12 degrees Celsius before rising.(after)