New Year’s day dress all black, 20 sets of bright colors to match, energetic atmosphere, friends and relatives love

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In the consciousness of many people, that black collocation is the most thin, now has arrived at the New Year, should not choose ordinary collocation way, to create their own image, should be based on bright color collocation, such collocation style, can make your wear more popular.At least in many people’s clothing, it is more recognizable, many bright colors seem exaggerated, in fact, the combination of reasonable, these colors can be embellished, to make your outfit more brilliant, let’s take a look at the bright colors worth choosing.There are many kinds of orange bright colors, but we do not have to go to a large range of choices, but according to their skin color state, or their own body weight sense, to choose a more suitable bright color.Can try the orange that vitality feels dyedly, orange is the colour that a kind has vitality feeling very much, can wear in spring suit quite, and oneself bright color saturation is not exaggerated, at least to young woman, this kind of color can have advantage more in collocation.Put on the key to show, if you have worn tired of deep color, might as well try orange, let the style look more vitality and vitality.(2) Red many people are not good at choosing colors, especially bright colors. Bright colors do not necessarily need a large area to match, but a small area to show the advantages of color.Can also make the style of collocation more accurate, you can try the red department of the single product, choose a red scarf, I believe that your style will be more quality sense, can make the collocation look delicate and charming.(3) Blue blue is a neutral color, giving people a feeling of more fashionable personality, but it can also be regarded as a bright color, at least in many bright colors, blue is very low-key, so your control ability is relatively low, you can choose this neutral color, so that the collocation style looks more fashionable.Choose a blue coat, such as a blue down jacket. This style will be more attractive, recognizable and stylish than a plain black one.Daily life with blue fashion, can make the color more vibrant sense, ultimately achieve the effect of weight loss, and blue items, has never been limited to age, can be arbitrary to control the blue, to present their own style.• Most girls like the ordinary way of collocation, in fact, the most common collocation, is another style, collocation will naturally have a different feeling.Choose an off-white flat cap with a white down jacket to pair with a green hoodie. The green hoodie is more fashionable and recognizable, and can break up the boring feeling of wearing.• A yellow knit hat, a black down jacket, and jeans are easy to wear with bright colors. As long as you make the outfit look lively, you can wear it well. Try a yellow knit hat with a black down jacket or classic jeans.Although the collocation looks ordinary, the color has a sense of layers. The change of color can make the state of wearing change, and finally present the best effect.If you are also a bright color lover, check out these combinations and change your style once in a while to make your outfit look even better. If you were given the choice of bright colors, what color would you choose?Original text, pictures from the network, such as infringement please contact delete.