Sand for the pen for the Winter Olympics cheer

2022-07-15 0 By

Recently, a series of full-color sand painting performances themed “I Applaud the Winter Olympics” were spread in wechat moments and videos, attracting many netizens to watch and like them.Its creator is our city sand painter Wu Fengzhen.Open the wechat video number of “Kite dancing sand painting” and click on the first episode of “I Applaud the Winter Olympics” full-color sand painting. Along with the dynamic theme slogan of the Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games to promote the song “Together for the Future”, 35-year-old sand artist Wu Fengzhen’s ten fingers fly in the sky.She casts a thin layer of red sand on the background board and instantly transforms the mascot of the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics, Xuerongrong.Subsequently, Wu Fengzhen also spread a thin layer of black sand, fingertip across, ice pier pier also jump out however.On February 5, China’s winter Olympics athletes fought hard to win the gold medal in the short-track speed skating mixed team relay final.Wu Fengzhen on this topic, created “I applaud the Winter Olympics” full color sand painting second set.Record the heroic posture of Olympic athletes through sand painting.Carefully planned works have been online sand painting looks beautiful, but the production process is not easy.Wu fengzhen says her works are dynamic sand paintings, and the production process is divided into three steps — pre-planning, mid-recording and post-production.Preliminary planning is the foundation of sand painting creation, which is related to the success of the whole work.Long before the Opening of the Winter Olympics, she carefully planned the script, collected materials and decided on the theme style.Middle stage sand painting performance recording is the key step to catch the audience’s attention.Before recording, Wu fengzhen repeatedly practiced, just to show the best effect to the Internet users.In post-production, she needed to edit the video, soundtrack and so on, which led to the “I Applaud the Winter Olympics” full-color sand painting seen by netizens.Wu fengzhen was working on the third episode when we met her on Feb 7.This episode will show the style of Su Yiming, a young man born after 2000, in the men’s snowboard slopestyle final.Netizen message hope more updates “hard work, look forward to updating as soon as possible” “must manually like” “sand painting to help the Winter Olympics, quite creative”…”I applaud the Winter Olympics” full-color sand painting video uploaded, netizens have left a lot of comments.Wu Fengzhen, who was born in 1988, has been engaged in sand painting for eight years.During major festivals and events, she often uses sand as a pen to express her personal feelings. She has created such works as Lantern Festival, Sand Painting for Rio Olympics, Beautiful Yangquan on the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the City, and Sand Painting for the Party on the Occasion of celebrating the 19th National Congress.Talking about “I cheer for the Winter Olympics” full-color sand painting to make how many sets, Wu Fengzhen admitted, at present, she only created three sets.”Although sand painting is difficult to create, I will persevere to show the people, events and things in the Winter Olympics through sand painting, so that more people can help and cheer for the Winter Olympics!”Wu Fengzhen said.Zhang Quandong/photo