Yesterday’s Nanning street, this “barefoot traffic police” warm and handsome!

2022-07-15 0 By

Yesterday is rain rain nanning rain is really the occasion of the cold air with wet and cold, but there is such a group of people against the wind and rain barefoot standing also said: not cold, not cold!At 11:30 on February 19, the traffic lights at the intersection of Minzu Avenue and Shuangyong suddenly failed to light up.It was the small rush hour at noon, and the intersection was in the downtown area, without the control of signal lights, the traffic was suddenly “tight”.Nanning traffic police is on duty seven brigade police Ou can found, immediately report to the brigade, quickly organized auxiliary police Liang Qinzheng, He Junchao, Zeng Qihao, Su Dakang to the intersection traffic diversion.Police in place, intersection “dilemma” solved.Raise one’s hand command, turn ceaselessly, bean big raindrop hits on them, from raincoat rain shoe “corner Lou Lou Angle” drill neck inside, seep into trouser leg.He junchao’s shoes were soaked, so he simply took them off, rolled up his trousers and continued to work barefoot in the rain.At 13:00, after rush repair, intersection signal light up again, traffic returned to normal.The auxiliary police came back to the booth wet, he Junchao’s feet were red with cold at this time, we hurriedly changed clothes, put on the heater, to he Junchao “baked feet”.He Junchao but embarrassed, even said “nothing nothing, not cold not cold!”No fear of wind and rain, dedication only for the people to protect chang this scene, good warm!You look so handsome!(Traffic Police Detachment) (Review: Zhang Jun, Editor: Luo Yunrong, Editor: Tang Yiwen)