CCTV Guan Tong celebrate xi marriage, 50 bottles of wine on the table is too luxury, old partner also Yaning surprise

2022-07-16 0 By

Recently, CCTV host Guan Tong shared photos of his 10th wedding anniversary celebration on social media, and posted that he thought his father had forgotten it.Results at dinner time, temporary call to propose to go out to eat, did not want to push the door and out, saw a lot of good friends, especially to see the old partner Yanin, tears are a fall out.The photos guan posted reveal her husband’s face for the first time.In the wedding photos, her husband looks smart in a white shirt with a buzz cut.Ten years on, Guan tong’s husband is dressed very formally in a black waistcoat.Although the CCTV host has been married for 10 years, this is the first time she has revealed the face of her husband.The two high-profile celebration, so that the audience like her very surprised, have sent blessings.According to the video photos guan posted, her husband doted on her very much. The celebration of the 10th anniversary was not only very warm, but also invited many friends.The husband is also very thoughtful, prepared a write happy 10th anniversary of the super big cake.Not only that, but also very large with a lot of famous wine placed 520.As we all know, this one is not cheap, and the table has more than 50 bottles, which makes it more than 200,000, a luxury.However, Guan’s husband is said to be a rich man and the money is nothing to them.This time, Guan Tong’s old partner Yaning also surprise appearance, Yaning and Guan Tong once hosted together “the same song”, two people are very tacit understanding on stage, life is also friends, has been keeping close contact.In the photos, yanin, 52, already has a full head of white hair and dyed her bangs purple in style.The two of them in the same frame, let their favorite viewers set off a wave of memory killing, back when the two co-hosted.Over the past 20 years since he joined CCTV, Guan has hosted a number of flagship programs, such as Happy Hero, Ready To Sing, Extraordinary 6+1 and The Same Song.Although not outstanding in many CCTV hosts, but her fresh and elegant hosting style also has a different flavor.Ya Ning is also very good, he was once called “the most handsome CCTV host”, hosted “The Same Song”, “China and South Korea Song Festival” and so on, then retired to the background when “Youth Fellow Traveler”, “The same Song” and other programs director.In recent years, he went into business, serving as the president of a network broadcasting platform, holding 50% of the shares and becoming a very successful businessman.Guan Tong also deliberately put a segment of her and Yaning presided over the segment, at that time both of them were just in their early 30s, it has been 20 years in the past, let a person sigh time is too fast.