Day training hard, night my class of new soldiers rolled down from the upper bunk, not awake

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Spread warrior XinBingLian sleep after three months, I was assigned to the car to teach, learning to drive a car, steam to teach even better the living conditions of relative XinBingLian, meals each meal two dishes, a soup, meat and vegetable, dining hall has a stove, hot water tea with hot water is very convenient, the sleeping bed was transformed by the big XinBingLian dormintory bunks.I was divided into ten classes, ten monitor Chen Bing, 81 years of soldiers, our class of nine soldiers drive points two groups of study, in the morning a group to learn to drive, two groups of school theory, alternate learning.The class has four bunk beds, one single bed, the single bed is for the monitor, the other soldiers live in bunk beds.No. I live a lower berth, shandong liaocheng comrades Sun Quanyou live on, may be tired, or do the nightmare, one night, on my comrades suddenly “bang” a loud, spread down from six of one meter, the whole class was jolted awake, monitor frighten ran barefoot, comrade sun microtek wrapped in a quilt still lying on the ground, monitor pushed Sun Quanyou, he woke up,The monitor let him stand up and take two steps to see if he was hurt. He did not know at all, and did not know that he got off the bed. He was very puzzled.Stand up from the floor, walk a few steps, no injury, the monitor is not assured, and carefully checked again.Ask a way: “ache not ache?”He shook his head and said, “Nothing monitor, just sleepy.”Then he climbed into the upper bunk and went to sleep.The next day, the monitor to Sun Quanyou down and out of the things to the instructor to do a report, the instructor inspected again, said that if it is head down, it is dangerous.Finally the instructor decided, in order to prevent Sun Quanyou fell again, so I and his bunk was exchanged.I moved to the top bunk!As the saying goes, there is no wet shoes in the river. I went to the toilet that night, and when I came back, I slipped and almost pulled the bed down.It is still dangerous to get on and off the bed.