The beginning of Spring and plum blossom in ancient Chinese poetry

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Common proverbs such as “Spring beats six or nine heads”, “Five nine sixty-nine, see the willows by the river”, Song Zhang write “Spring to the world grass and trees know”, Lu You write “Spring returns to yuan not to remember, leave the four hills green” — ancient and modern customs say the same thing: at the beginning of spring, grass and trees are a prophet.In this green “vegetation”, there are naturally Mei and liu, Mei is the spirit of winter, liu is the news of spring.Plum is worthy of the first flowers, the forerunner of spring.✎ the plum and the bamboo map page Song · Ma Lin “are surprised when the plum”, south He Xun this chant ZaoMei is early scholar xu mei masterpiece, so future generations often, like to praise chrysanthemum TaoQian around though.Zhao Fan emphasized the merit of his initiative when he Xun suddenly made Mei famous.Although as a whole, he poems are still raw in the initial stage, but good sentences.Jiang Kui “He Xun is getting old now and forgets the spring breeze ci pen”, referring to his ode to the Spring Breeze: “Can smell but not see, can repeat and light.The powder fell before the mirror, and there was a sound on the piano.”Every time I re-read, my heartstrings are like light buckles.Later “one order before, drip to dawn” “wutong and drizzle, to dusk, drizzle” and other good sentences, the image is also from his “night raindrop empty order”.Everyone saw it, but he was the first to speak, the source.Lao Du once said, “Why bother to learn Yin?” It is no accident that it is so highly regarded by later generations.Tang poetry and Song poetry are not without a source of water.Therefore, no matter how talented he is, no matter how powerful his pen is, no matter how talented he is, he always has his own fountain from which to draw nourishment and a pile of books to peruse.Spring breeze ten miles, always have a history.Predecessors like plum blossom, because of its ling cold out of the dust.Kui kui of The Song Dynasty hongxiang, “The land is empty and fragrant, and the world dust yuan is irrelevant.” Qian, “the end of the bamboo forest is full of spring, and there is not a bit of dust in the world”, quite its rhyme.But like people, it’s impossible to be completely otherworldly.Liu Kezhuang “fall plum” poem, has caused a “jianghu poetry case”, shi Miyuan, the prime minister that “east wind is wrong the palm flower authority, but avoid the lonely high does not advocate” and other sentences are allusion, so strict, and “forbidden scholar poetry”, almost for ten years.Liu Kezhuang after many years still have lingering fear, write “after the disease visit plum” : “dream because peach number left, long source for liu Wu power.Fortunately, I do not know peach and willow, but I have been tired for ten years by plum blossom.”Dream is Liu Yuxi, with “xuan du view peach tree” story;Changyuan is Yechou Li Mi, the poet notes from “Yechou xu Liu Yun ‘green east gate willow, aged yan will gaunt’, Yang Guozhong thought yiji himself”.”Postscript Yang fill the Mo Mei” also wrote: “to a young generation have fall mei poems, li Dingshu indignant annotations, a few sink crime wu, see plum blossom at every afraid, see painting plum blossom also afraid.However, it is necessary to postscript the work.Children view nuo, love and fear, to plum blossom, too.”In this old case, what makes me incredibly and repeatedly confirm is this sentence: “Forbidden scholars to write poems”.To know, this is the generation of Fan Zhongyan, Ouyang Xiu, Wang Anshi, Su Shi, Lu You, Xin Qiji, Li Qingzhao, Yang Wanli, Wen Tianxiang…In the song dynasty.History is full of absurdities.In February 2019, I went to nanjing to see a museum. I went to Xiaoling Meihua Mountain first in the morning.It was cloudy and early in the morning, and visibility was very low.All over the sky in the fog, suddenly encountered wax plum trees.There were few people in the garden, and the fog was thick.Sea of flowers alone for a long time, suddenly met Jiangmei Mingyan.The first time to know the plum blossom, extremely cold, ice flap such as smile.About ten o ‘clock in the morning, the sun suddenly came out, the moment the clouds closed the fog dispersed, encountered as a dream.I made up my mind to come back every year.A few years ago do “daily reading poetry calendar”, the first day of the New Year, the selection is plum blossom: “plum blossom Open Day is the New Year” (Wang 穉 deng), “known in the snow spring letter, cold plum ornament qiongzhi tired” (Li Qingzhao), “forecast spring news, the first branch in the flower” (Wang Shipeng).Every year in the poem meet, quite feel plum blossom is an old friend.Reading poetry every day has been going on for ten years now.May the world and thousands of flowers and grass, also meet each other year after year, year after year.(Editor: Li Zhengrong)