In the counterattack against Vietnam, the Firemen were instrumental in clearing the way for the infantry attack

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In 1979, the 127th Army Division, under the command of General Zhang Wannian, was ordered to annihilate the defensive forces in the Chi Ma and Lang Lung areas, north of Luk Binh County, Lang Son Province, Vietnam, in the first stage of the china-Vietnam border self-defense operations.According to the operational deployment of the division, the 9th company of the 379th Infantry Regiment attacked the 1st highland to ensure that the main force of the division wiped out the enemy.No. 1 highland is located 1 km to the northwest of Zhima, close to Aidian in China. It is easy to defend and difficult to attack due to its steep mountain slope and dangerous terrain.The heights are defended by the 8th Company division of the 123rd Independent Regiment of Lang Son Province with an extra platoon.The Vietnamese built a cover of about 30 square meters on the high ground, with three entrances and exits, each connected by 1 to 2 meters of cover trenches to the surrounding ring trenches.Mines and bamboo sticks were laid in the grass facing our side.By virtue of favorable terrain and strong fortifications, the Yue army attempted to organize defense with no. 1 highland as the support point, and controlled the aidian to Luping road, in order to prevent our army from developing attacks to its depth.In order to enhance the offensive ability of the 379 regiment 9 company, the 127th Division chemical defense company flamethrower 14 group 2 (4 people, two flamethrowers) led by the deputy squad leader Shao Jinyu, as the main attack of the 9 company 2 platoon action.At 2:30 on February 17, the 9th Company started from the north side of Green Grass Ridge and entered 800 meters northwest side of No.1 Highland at 5:40 to make the final preparations before launching the attack.At 0625 hours, Company 9 began to move towards Highland 1.At 0715 hours, division and regiment artillery launched a sudden fire attack on No. 1 High ground.After 5 minutes, the 2nd platoon moved to the concave at the foot of the southwest hill of No.1 Highland and was suppressed by Vietnamese fire.The fire spitfire group took advantage of the earth as a cover, bent low forward, when the movement to more than 80 meters away from the enemy position, suddenly found a bunker on the left side of my 2nd platoon was heavy fire.Shao Jinyu immediately led the whole formation all the way to the left movement, ready to meet the enemy fire to destroy the bunker.As they approached the target, the infantry had destroyed the bunker with 40 rocket launchers.At this time, the 82 recoilless guns attached to the 9 company also fired at the Vietnamese positions to suppress enemy fire.The infantrymen took advantage of the opportunity to charge and pounced on the enemy lines. The Spitfire group then charged up to the high ground and, after heavy fighting, the infantrymen took their surface position on High 1.The remaining Vietnamese troops retreated into their shelters and continued to resist, firing constantly outside.The infantry then organized fire to destroy the enemy’s hideout, but because the communication trench connecting the hideout was covered and turned, and was connected with the trench, the machine gun could not be hit far away, and it was easy to be killed by enemy fire near it. Grenades could not be thrown in, and rocket launchers and 82 recoiling guns failed to be fired several times.See this situation, lead 2 platoon 9 company deputy commander immediately decision, order to cover the implementation of fire.Vice President Shao Jinyu under the cover of the infantry, immediately rise quickly jump into a trench, in about 3 meters away from mouth to cover these trenches, relying on the trench rise steeply pose to the shelter for 2 bottles, spray fire is a mouth to our target enemy fortifications were burned to death on the spot, pillar along the cover these trenches across the shelter, and burning an enemy fortifications.As the fellow climbed out of the hole with a fire on his back, he was shot dead by the infantry who stood by the entrance.In order to wipe out the Yue army in the dugout, shao Jinyu, the deputy squad leader, and Dong Genzeng, the flamethrower, each with one flamethrower, approached the other two entrances and exits of the dugout.First, the infantry shot with submachine guns and threw grenades, forcing the enemy in the covering trench into the shelter. The firethrowers sprayed two bottles of oil each with their guns at a standing position. Several fire dragons rushed into the shelter and burned to death more than 10 enemies in the foray.In this battle, when the fire spitfire group carried out fire spitfire to the large cover with more than 10 enemies concealed, it carried out rapid and continuous fire spitfire to 3 holes respectively. In less than a few minutes, it sprayed 6 bottles of oil continuously and wiped out all the enemies in the cover.This fully proves: when infantry weapons are difficult to eliminate the target, the use of flamethrowers to attack, give play to the characteristics of fire column can turn, can receive a good annihilation effect, at the same time can effectively avoid casualties.The flames and heat of our flamethrowers turned the fortifications that the Vietnamese relied on for resistance into their graves, and the fire-breathing dragons made the Vietnamese lose heart and fear.