– Galactus sinks just after LPL starts?TES fans disappointed off the fan, into the playoffs are difficult!

2022-07-18 0 By

In the world of esports and competitive sports as a whole, galacticos teams often end up with disappointing results and often unhappy endings.LPL history alone has a number of galleys, the recent transfer period TES is with a manager Hao Elder brother’s operation, the introduction of Zoom and small day together into brothers LOL.A star-studded roster has had its share of problems early in the season, with a 2-3 record hardly satisfying TES fans.From the perspective of the competition schedule, the competition intensity of TES before the competition was not strong, and the opponents were all relatively weak teams. However, TES still lost more than half of the matches, and the 2-0 defeat of OMG in the last game of the year ago made the fans extremely dissatisfied.After the game, the official blog of the super fight e-sports club fell directly, and there are many fans who feel desperate about the team’s performance and choose to take off the fan, which shows the negative impact of the bad competition state and results.And the more obvious problem for TES is that if they play like this, they might not even make the playoffs.After all, TES’s schedule before the year has been easy enough, in the year they have to meet EDG, RNG, BLG and other strong teams, according to the past 8 wins or so to have the hope of playoff situation, only 2 wins TES has stood on the edge of the cliff, if the surprise loss to the weak team missed the playoffs is not impossible.After the loss to OMG, there was an online analysis of TES ‘playoff progression based on the rest of their schedule, with the JDG game being the top priority.Since TES lost to RA, OMG and V5, their direct competitors for the playoff spot, there is no room for loss in the following schedule for TES. It is not impossible for TES to bid farewell to the playoffs if they lose to a weak team again.What did the Internet think of it?Share your thoughts in the comments section below.