@Linheren, pay attention!There’s been a big change in the bus pass. I didn’t know it would be a mistake

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, a reporter from the China construction bank co., LTD., understands bayinnaoer branch, according to the China construction bank credit card center on the closed electronic cash receiving monofunctional rolled off the production line and orderly arrangement notice requirements, the bank since February 28, closed with construction bank card is dealt with the bus love, student card, card “electronic cash received single business function.In order to facilitate the ride, cardholders need to go to the city as soon as possible to re-apply for the bus card bus company.Bayinnaoer of China construction bank co., LTD., branch personal financial hai-feng wang, deputy general manager, in the construction bank deal with bus love CARDS, student CARDS, ordinary citizens, if bus card and balance now, from now on can be approached to CCB’s business outlets to turn out, before the deal with bank card besides don’t brush card by bus, other functions can be normal use.The reporter learned from the bus company, since March 1, from the construction bank to deal with the ordinary card, love card, student card temporarily in 1 to 6 bus can not be used, as for all kinds of bus card preferential policies, the company is actively docking with the relevant departments.City city public transport company related person in charge of the introduction, take 7-16 road bus citizens, had used the Construction Bank bus card and student card citizens can hold the ID card for the new bus card, the new ordinary card citizens enjoy 25% discount, student card enjoy 50% discount;People who apply for love cards, due to the system upgrade recently, can bring their ID cards and disability cards to apply for them at the beginning of March. Respect cards (cards for the aged over 70 years old) do not need to be re-applied and can continue to use them.City chengtong bus company bus card processing place is: The north gate of Bayannur City hospital 200 meters west bus dispatching room, linhe District Shengli South Road former railway hospital gatehouse, Linhe District Shuofang Road and Linwu road interchange 200 meters City Chengtong bus company.If you have any questions, please call the bus company at 7956661.Bayinnaoer daily reporters all | zhang jing editor: Qiao Hong