Qingdao on the third day of the call, they want to hit the bottom of the rebound, now they should turn over

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Qingdao team sounded their rallying call in the third grade, their purpose is also very simple, that is to want to rebound in the third stage.Even with 10 games left in the regular season, they obviously have a chance to come back.This is not, even chairman Yang Qiang also specially came to the training ground to cheer the players!However, Qingdao team can succeed this time?Below, with basketball younger brother together to see!Qingdao’s assembly call has sounded in the third day of junior high the Qingdao team sounded in the third day of junior high the news is from the shandong radio and TELEVISION sports channel sports news editor Xia Xiaosi broke the news, the reliability of the information is relatively high.I believe we also know that Qingdao ranked the 16th in the CBA league with an 8-20 record, their record is undoubtedly a huge gap compared with last season.They were a top-seven team in the CBA last season, but after the departures of Liu Chuanxing and Jiao Hailong, they suffered a major weakness in the interior, winning just eight games in the first two periods.Qingdao let Liu Chuanxing let a person very incomprehensible can say that their decline in a certain extent is far more than xinjiang team, but here may have fans do not understand, since liu Chuanxing has guessed that leaving the team will cause such consequences, but why also let him leave?If Liu chuanxing had not left the team to fly alone, Qingdao team would not have been so big in the current season.But what basketball younger brother wants to say here is that Qingdao team’s financial strength is not as strong as guangdong, Beijing and Shanghai.They must put more money to good use.That’s right!Liu Chuanxing in last season’s comprehensive performance has indeed reached the level of the main line players.Gao Shiao’s growth did not reach expectations but in last season, Qingdao team’s inside line in addition to Liu Chuanxing, and jiao Hailong this inside line player, as for the small gao Shiao?He clearly has a long way to go.However Liu Chuanxing and Jiao Hailong have left the team also let Qingdao team inner strength suffered a heavy blow.If Qingdao wants to bounce back in the next 10 rounds, it will have to rely on homegrown players to carry the burden inside, and in Qingdao’s case, only Gao shiao seems to have that potential.Since Qingdao team want to hit the bottom of the rebound, that they rebound this point certainly from Gao Shiao here began.The opportunity that Gao Shiao gets is not much reason also very simple, at present Qingdao team advocate inside line of player also only gao Shiao, shao Englun, Li Yuanyu, Lv Junhu, Zhang Zuming, Wang Qingming and big foreign aid Johnson this a few players.But if you want to talk about internal potential, obviously only Gao Shiao has the highest potential value.But so far this season, he has averaged only 4.6 points, 4.2 rebounds, 0.6 assists and 2.1 blocks per game for Qingdao.Gao Shiao’s performance is not to say that there is a big gap with Li Yanzhe, and there is also a huge gap with Yu Jiahao.The root cause is his inconsistent playing time this season.Gao shiao is very important for Qingdao in the first phase is ok, because Johnson did not return, the inside side can only be carried by him.But when the big foreign aid Johnson returned, not only his playing time has been compressed, even his players have slipped a lot.You know, this is very bad for his growth!That’s right!On the comprehensive performance, he is indeed with big foreign aid Johnson there is no small gap.But he also has an advantage Johnson doesn’t have. In addition to his age advantage, he is also far taller than the big foreign player.Now the key to see whether Wu Qinglong can thoroughly activate this small will, because he is likely to be the Qingdao team can attack the key!Wu Qinglong needs to solve the problem there are a lot of here to speak more straightforward point that is their inside line, although in every game, Qingdao team played very hard, but in the inside aspect in addition to Johnson this big foreign aid, as for other local players obviously poor a lot of.If Wu qinglong is to lead Qingdao to rebound in the third stage of the game, he will need to solve their problems inside and let his players play the true meaning of team basketball.Only in this way, they can let Qingdao team to reproduce last season’s glory!After all, in the first 28 rounds, their teamwork was a mess.That’s another reason why they rolled over.However, now that the window is approaching, Wu qinglong will have to focus on these two areas of weakness, after all, Qingdao has been a little miserable this season.They slipped to 16th in the league.From this, Wu Qinglong must lead Qingdao team to stage a comeback!Is not let Qingdao team once again reverse attack?Since both guangzhou and Shanghai can do it, there is no reason why Qingdao can’t!Not to mention, they paid far more than ordinary people in the window of hardship and sweat.With their “never give up” fighting spirit, they have a better than 60% chance of returning to the playoffs.What do you think about that?#CBA# For more exciting content, follow sports basketball