Foreign journalists praised each other!Beijing cheng xiaobian first explore MMC

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The main media center of Beijing Winter Olympic Games is becoming more and more popular as the opening ceremony of the Games draws near.These busy journalists are surrounded by practical and comprehensive service facilities, as well as the efficient and attentive service of staff and volunteers.The mascots of the Winter Olympics and Paralympic Winter Games in the lobby of the main media Center welcomed Chinese and foreign guests.In the channel of the main media center, scenic spots of Beijing are set up to take photos, which is convenient for reporters in the closed loop.The main media center is expected to accommodate an average of 5,000 to 6,000 registered journalists, photographers and rights holders per day for the Games.It is also home to the media operations and publicity headquarters of the International Olympic Committee and the International Paralympic Committee.Volunteers help Chinese and foreign journalists familiarize themselves with the working environment and provide consulting services.In the media work area, journalists are reporting from their stations.Walking into the main media Center, the most striking thing is the giant “Ice Dun Dun” and “Snow Rhon Rong” suspended in the air in the lobby of the first floor. The two mascots of the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics welcome the arrival of journalists with smiling faces.As an important facility inside the main press center, the four press rooms have different features and sizes to accommodate all sizes of press briefings.The text reporter workshop on the second floor of the ground floor of the venue is spacious and bright for hundreds of journalists to work at the same time.The whole process service of intelligent robot in robot Restaurant of main media center attracts the attention of Chinese and foreign journalists.There’s a robot bar in the main media center, and cocktails made by robotic arms are a hit.In addition to providing necessary working facilities and services, the main Media Center innovatively launched the “Smart Winter Olympics” media restaurant.Journalists from around the world can eat food prepared by robot chefs and drink wine prepared by robot bartenders.The tech-savvy services have been particularly popular with foreign journalists, many of whom have been taking photos and “punching in” in front of the robot bartenders.Outside the main media center is the media station, with more than 40 shuttle bus routes between the three venues and hotels.The main media center regularly carries out environmental sampling and testing to ensure journalists’ work safety.Outside the main media center is the Beijing Winter Olympics Media transportation center, with more than 40 shuttle bus routes connecting hotels, competition venues and the three competition areas. There are also toll cards for media with drivers to meet the personalized travel needs within the closed loop.In the prevention and control of the epidemic, volunteers and staff will also guide relevant people to follow the epidemic prevention rules, such as wearing masks, in addition to the ubiquitous disinfectant supplies.The 2022 three-dimensional pattern, composed of the children’s paintings, decorates the walls of the main media center walkway.British journalist Geoff Beckley’s overall assessment of the main media center was simple and direct: “So far, so good.”Ozerin, a Spanish broadcasting technician who has been working in the main media center for three days until yesterday, also thinks that the main media center is perfect in terms of facilities, decoration and service level of volunteer staff.Source: Jing Cheng reporter Zhao Xiaosong, Deng Fangjia Photography: Deng Wei Process editor: U022