Our province civil servant information update collection and statistical work completed

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Comprehensive and accurate collection of civil servant information and statistical work is of great significance to organizations at all levels to accurately grasp the development of civil servant troop and improve the management ability and level of civil servant troop.In the information collection and statistics work of civil servants in 2021, the Organization Department of the Provincial Party Committee has successfully completed the annual information update collection and statistics work by insisting on high-quality collection, high-standard statistics and efficient audit.Problem in information collection work, pay attention to strengthening guidance, insist on collecting the information accurate specification, sampling quality standard improvement, the work is careful, comprehensive organization regional units according to the civil service information acquisition standard and fill in the specification requirements, calibration and verification of civil servants based information seriously, information system and the cadre and personnel files, organization and personnel department as the information is consistent,Ensure that all the information of the incoming personnel is updated and collected, and the incoming data information items are accurate, complete and standardized.In the work of data statistics, we pay attention to strengthening the goal-oriented, adhere to the principle of “consistent database number, corresponding database table, see the number see the person”, carefully calibrate statistical statements, strictly grasp the statistical caliber, and tighten the statistical responsibility.Contrast statistical yearbook index requirements, prepare the checking conditions of more than 300 items, carefully check the main data, important changes, abnormal data, at the same time in various areas at the beginning of each unit of statistics, on the basis of nuclear, arrange the specialist to statistics review each area unit, to avoid more series, leakage, repeat.In information audit work, pay attention to strengthening the guidance, in accordance with the “acquisition of real, fill solid and library table” principle, through comprehensive self-examination, the local organization department review review summary unit, province/state organization department came, each unit basic information database for all regions, statistical information, statistics data,Through manual audit, setting conditions check, data reverse check, sampling inspection and other ways, carried out two rounds of review, item by item, person by person, on-site error correction, on-site correction, to ensure accurate, complete, true and effective statistical data.Qinghai Provincial People’s Government’s latest two appointment and dismissal notice reporter/Li Xuemeng, editor/Ya Jun, producer/Zhang Zhenhua Huamcua, chief producer/Chen Hai Lei copyright copyright the original author, if any infringement, please contact us immediately