Step on your toes when you answer the questions. Twiddle your pen, jiggle your legs, play with your fingers

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March is the interview period for the national civil servant exam.What kind of interview question can measure individual comprehensive ability and quality in short time?Exam interviews generally include structured interviews and leaderless group discussions.Structured interview, also known as standardized interview, is the use of specific questions, through the evaluator and the subject face to face communication, evaluation of the subject.Leaderless group discussion refers to a group of examinees discussing a given problem at a given time in a given context.A group of candidates to participate in the discussion does not designate a person in charge, that is, “no leader”, by the candidates themselves to arrange, organize the order of speech and discussion.”No matter what kind of interview, mainly to test candidates language organization and expression, comprehensive analysis, planning, organization and coordination, strain, initiative, interpersonal awareness and skills, information acquisition and other aspects of the ability.Zheng Wenzhao, co-president of Huatu Education, introduced that many cases are by the examiner to read the question, the examinee listens to the question after thinking to answer, if there is no concentration, can not grasp the key point, the examinee is easy to miss or ignore the key information in the question, so that the answer “step on” not the core points, there is a low score.In the interview, there was such an example: The Spring Festival is coming, the leadership arranged you to organize a spring party attended by the new and old employees of the unit and their families, how do you organize?Many candidates instinctively answer the questions in terms of organization and management, or confidently answer the questions in terms of “before, during, after” logic.As everyone knows, there is a very important information hidden in this question — new and old employees and their families, which is an important point to give, but also the focus of the answer, candidates to talk about the organization of this activity, pay special attention to the new and old employees and their families this group of participants, make targeted arrangements.If the examinee ignores the key information in the process of listening to the question, he may answer more, the more wrong.In addition to answering the questions themselves, some examinees may miss the opportunity due to negligence in some minor details.”During the short interview time, any little gesture you make without thinking can affect the interviewer’s judgment of you, which will be reflected in the interview score.”Experts say, for example, forgetting to knock when you need to enter, and entering recklessly;It’s embarrassing to see a row of examiners sitting, nervously forgetting to close the door and looking back.There will be candidates scratching their head, turning pens, shaking legs, hair, fingers and other small gestures, will also give the examiner a bad impression.Xiao Wu passed the national examination smoothly at his first time.”Don’t underestimate the details.”She concluded, “First of all, what is more appropriate.”When Xiao Wu was preparing for the interview, he thought that most of the civil servants he saw on TV were dressed in black and serious.So she bought a black dress.Standing in front of the mirror repeatedly, however, Wu sensed something was wrong: “All the interviewees will probably be wearing black business suits.We were brought in as new people, young, formal but not dull, stable and energetic, not old and old.”On the day of the interview, Xiao Wu did not wear the black dress. Instead, she wore a light blue shirt with a delicate bow at the neck and a stiff camel wool coat, with minimal makeup.As she walked into the exam room, she found that it was exactly as she had expected — almost all the interviewees were dressed in black suits.At this time, Xiao Wu’s dress up is particularly conspicuous.”At that time, I could feel the examiner’s eyes lit up.””She recalls.Dress can only give examiners a good first impression, the key to success is also personal manners.In order to prepare for the interview, Xiao Wu would record what he said when he did the simulation and listened to it repeatedly.”One of the things I noticed when I was listening to the tape was that I used too many words in my mouth, like ‘um’, ‘ah’, ‘and’…It seems to be at the beginning of every sentence, especially the word ‘then’, which is still thrown in involuntarily where there is no need to express a chronological order.I didn’t have a problem when I was speaking, but when I listened to the tape, I realized that these details seriously affected the flow of the sentence.”Xiao Wu deliberately corrected their speaking habits, while also looking for a friend to do the examiner to find fault, so that they can not only speak fluently, and concise, clear priorities.”I didn’t say much, but I was confident that I had at least made myself clear.””She told reporters.In addition, Xiao Wu also found a small trick – follow the news broadcast together to read the news.”It really worked.”Every day she will repeatedly listen to the news broadcast recording, the host read a sentence, she followed a repeat, a few days down to feel their progress is particularly great.”You will find that the news in the news network is concise in terms and clear in position, showing the new changes and developments in national policies, which are important material for interviews.””I think the argument turned into a fight because I wanted to express myself so much that I ended up in a fight.”Examinee Xiao Gao once had a failed interview experience.The interview xiaogao participated in was a leaderless group discussion. Since the topic setting of this examination form itself is to choose those controversial or difficult topics, there will be disagreement in the specific discussion process.”At that time, I had a different opinion from the other two examinees, and I wanted to prove my opinion was right. So I tried to convince others, which became more and more heated.Later, I grew louder, trying to stifle the other person in tone, and kept interrupting them.I thought it was a discussion, but in the examiner’s opinion, it escalated to a ‘fight’.”Many examinees think they must speak more, the more they speak, the higher the score.In fact, this approach not only can not get the good impression of the examiner, but also cause a deduction of marks.”You need to be strong to forge iron.”Just having a good first impression is not enough, but also in their own professional knowledge to win the recognition of the examiner.For the interview examination of several major assessment elements is to have a profound understanding, to study systematically, only excellent professional systematic understanding to let oneself in an invincible position.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: