Hezhou City Bureau of Justice to carry out the new era of civilization practice volunteer service activities

2022-07-20 0 By

In order to further promote the spirit of the rule of law, improve the people’s civilized literacy and awareness of the rule of law, create a healthy, civilized, harmonious, beautiful living environment and a good atmosphere for the whole people to learn and use the law, February 25, hezhou City Justice Bureau new era civilization practice volunteer service team to the town to carry out voluntary service activities to popularize the law.Municipal judicial bureau party member and deputy director of the Liang Zhiwu to distribute publicity materials delta activities on site by hanging banners, promotional bags, the franco-prussian manual paper, publicity and promotional nail clippers, novel and practical promotional items, the rule of law in the constitution, the civil code of extensive publicity, labor law, legal aid is closely related to the mass production and living of legal knowledge,At the same time set up a legal advisory desk to answer the masses of legal advice on the spot, to attract the masses to participate in the enthusiasm.Volunteers for the masses to answer legal advice — this activity issued a total of more than 2000 copies of various publicity materials (books), answered more than 50 legal advice, achieved good publicity effect.Source: Human education section of Hezhou Justice Bureau editor: Hezhou News Lu Jia Editor: Hezhou Justice Bureau law popularization and legal governance section audit: Luo Xinzun