Qingzhou City: Based on the “three outstanding”, solidly promote the winter wheat “science and technology seedling” action

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Qingzhou Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has focused on establishing a team of agricultural technology guidance with wide coverage, improving the practical efficiency of training activities, enriching the content of online guidance, continuously improving the quality and efficiency of the special action of “Science and technology seedling”, and providing strong scientific and technological support for the harvest of summer grain.First, the team formation highlights the “wide”.Established the municipal winter wheat “science and technology strong seedling” special action leading group, selected 9 high-level agricultural technology experts such as agronomy, soil fertilizer, plant protection to form the special action expert steering group to guide the city’s winter wheat subdivision, selected from the towns and streets of outstanding grass-roots agricultural technology personnel 258 subplots to carry out activities.Since the launch of the activity, 245 special service activities have been organized, 15,000 copies of “Qingzhou Winter Wheat Spring Management Guidance” have been issued, and more than 9,000 farmers have been guided, covering 156,600 mu of wheat.Second, the training activities highlight the “real”.According to the important nodes of wheat growing season, weifang Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and other high-level experts were invited to carry out the special training activity of “Science and technology seedling”, and the teaching method was combined with field classroom teaching and theoretical training.Field classroom analysis of seedling situation, field guidance for farmers to do a good job in wheat suppression, hoe, fertilizer and water management, disease, pests and grass control and other management;Theoretical learning focused on explaining the trend of disease, insect and weed infestation, chemical weeding and other key technologies in the growing period. 25 training courses were held, and 2128 farmers were trained.Third, online guidance highlights the “complete”.Make full use of wechat groups, video meetings and other forms to guide farmers to carry out wheat field management, such as winter wheat prevention of reverse cold, management in the middle and later stages, and disease and insect pest control. Distribute 15 important notices and documents online, such as various technical opinions and important weather forecasts.More than 4700 people were organized to participate in online technical training such as provincial wheat spring production management Technology Network training, 2022 National wheat spring and middle and late stage management network training, And Shandong Soybean Strip Composite Planting technology network training.(Qingzhou Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs) statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com