Guard the purse!Beware of these scams during the New Year!

2022-07-22 0 By

When people celebrate the festival, criminals take advantage of people to travel, buy New Year goods, send red envelopes and other opportunities, elaborate fraud.Here, we sort out some common pitfalls during the Spring Festival to help you identify the scam and guard your “money bag”.During the Spring Festival, colorful red envelopes are everywhere, and criminals take the opportunity to cheat.They often create all kinds of red envelope groups, issue a large number of false red envelope links implanted with the virus, collect personal identity information, bank accounts, etc., once the victim clicks on the “red envelope”, light cell phone “poisoning”, heavy bank account funds disappeared!Netlink Clearing Co., LTD. Risk control experts suggest that when receiving red envelopes, we should see whether the source of the red envelopes is credible, for the collection of too much information to be vigilant.With the major e-commerce platforms to launch activities such as The Lunar New Year shopping Festival, criminals usually take the opportunity to set.Exchange points, free to send and other promotional activities are often hidden fraud, click on the unknown activity link is likely to be implanted Trojan virus, not only there is personal privacy information disclosure risk, but also may cause personal property losses.Experts hint that online shopping should pay attention to whether the shopping platform is formal, merchant information is complete, rational view of all kinds of promotional activities.The Spring Festival journey is long, the heart of vigilance often accompanied by the Spring Festival, eager to return home.However, some criminals, under the pretext of requiring refund or change of air and train tickets due to the change of epidemic prevention policies, led the victims to fill in their personal id numbers, bank accounts and other private information in the links provided by them, and induced ticket buyers to transfer money under the pretext of refund or change of preferential policies to commit fraud.Network clearing Co., Ltd. risk control experts said that in such cases to think twice: a look at the source of information is reliable, two to see whether the ticket information is changed, three to see whether the refund channel is legitimate.After a year of hard work and hard work, many people have gained a lot.With the improvement of people’s awareness of financial management, criminals often seize people’s psychology of pursuing high returns and elaborate financial fraud to induce people to invest in informal platforms.But the income is false, cheating money is true, until the investment funds to the account, the platform will be no sign of “bankruptcy”, lawbreakers will run away with money.Investment and financial management should first judge whether the level of income is reasonable.The CBRC has repeatedly warned that in practice, if the return rate of financial products that promise to guarantee the principal exceeds 6%, it will be questionable, if the return rate exceeds 8%, it will be dangerous, and if the return rate exceeds 10%, it will be prepared to lose all the principal.Here, send you a tip to help your eyes know trap: near the Spring Festival fraud, unknown links do not click.Transfer remittance heart to fine, unknown information less take reason.Personal privacy carefully transfer, anti-fraud think more please remember.Source: Xinhua