13 minutes 0-1 to 3-1!Barcelona fans have mixed feelings about philippe Coutinho’s dream performance

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Philippe Coutinho scored one goal and two passes in 13 minutes as Aston Villa beat Leeds United 3-3 in the barclays Premier League round 24 on Sunday.Coutinho’s volley from inside the penalty area earned Villa a 1-1 draw in the 30th minute when they were 1-0 down at home.In the 38th minute, Coutinho took the ball on his back in the middle of the field, suddenly turned around and sent out a scalpel stopper to set up Aaron Ramsey’s 2-1 goal.Villa increased their lead to 3-1 in the 43rd minute when Coutinho ran the ball down the left and calmly separated with a well-timed drive that Ramsey had just reached the top right corner.Villa came back from 1-0 down to 3-1 ahead in just 13 minutes as Coutinho hit a masterclass goal and two crosses.Unfortunately, Villa conceded two goals in a row and Leeds drew 3-3, turning three points into one.Barcelona fans have mixed feelings about seeing Coutinho flourish in the Premier League after joining Villa on loan.Much to the delight of Barcelona fans, coutinho’s form is likely to make Villa willing to pay a premium for him to keep Barcelona’s 160 million euros from going down the drain.Coutinho has not been able to do that at Barca, which is a sore point for Barcelona fans.The last time Coutinho scored three goals in a single game was in Bayern’s 8-2 champions League thrashing of Barcelona.With one goal and two passes in 13 minutes, Coutinho was unquestionably named man of the match.Since joining Villa, Coutinho has been directly involved in four Premier League goals in three games (two goals and two assists), more than in his final 25 games for Barcelona.Villa manager Steven Gerrard said defiantly: “If you don’t like watching Philippe Coutinho play, stop watching the ball.”