Confrontation over Diaoyu Islands?The Self-Defense Forces are unreasonably blocking us

2022-07-23 0 By

In diplomacy, China adheres to the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence, but it does not fear the provocations of some powerful countries.The diaoyu Islands dispute broke out on January 3, 2012 when three Japanese lawmakers landed on a patrol boat.However, whether Japan recognizes it or not, the Diaoyu Islands have been China’s inherent territory since ancient times.The Diaoyu Islands are located in the East China Sea, about 385 km away from Fuzhou city and 190 km away from Keelung City.Diaoyu Dao has been China’s territory since ancient times in terms of geographical location, administrative area and historical jurisprudence.Japan’s insistence on the Diaoyu Islands dates back to the end of the Qing Dynasty.After China and Japan lost the war in 1895-1895, Japan took the opportunity to seize the control of Diaoyu Dao illegally.After world War II, China was the conqueror and regained control of Diaoyu Dao.However, Japan does not think so, they believe that the Diaoyu Islands belong to them.Therefore, Japan has been challenging our bottom line and trying to create trouble on the Diaoyu Islands.Japanese media hyped up the fact that Chinese government ships sailed into waters off the Diaoyu Islands on December 21, 2021.Japanese media reported the incident in detail and repeatedly stressed that the Diaoyu Islands belong to Japanese territory.In addition, Japanese media reported that some of our government ships are equipped with machine guns.On January 15, 2022, China sent government ships to the Diaoyu Islands again.Japan, as usual, trumpeted the event.As a matter of fact, we were just conducting regular patrol missions, and when the mission was over, the ship left.Japan tried to use this incident to attack our country, Wolf son ambition is well known.However, Japan has sent support ships to the islands several times before, and Japanese patrol ships are stationed there 24 hours a day.In addition, The Japanese side also has helicopters and machine guns, which shows its ulterior motives.Japan’s accusation against China can be said to call black and white upside down, and Japan is not qualified to comment on this matter.In view of this, China’s coast police also take measures.It is understandable for China to send government ships to waters off the Diaoyu Islands. Japan should think about whether it can send ships to patrol the diaoyu Islands as part of its territory.There are many similar things in the world.Many countries, like ours, are facing the problem of territorial ownership.However, Japan has been Shouting unilaterally, no matter to Our country, or to Russia, Japan’s approach is unreasonable.All in all, Diaoyu Island is our territory and we will defend it.The Japanese side must understand that it will no longer violate our territorial rights, otherwise it will only suffer in the end.