During the Spring Festival with three old leftover female blind date, finally know, why did the man dare not marry them

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Want to learn more wonderful content, quick to focus on writing life times article/writing life times figure/derived from network infringement please contact deleted – davids 33 years old, have been a period of four years of love, former girlfriend wanted to get married, but then davids only cause in my heart, have no spare thoughts to manage emotions, let alone a family.Later they broke up in numerous quarrels.After the age of 30, Yang jun’s career is slowly taking off and his life is back on track. All his friends are getting married and he has a child of his own.His heart is envious, parents also hope that he can quickly find a suitable object.Yang never thought about dating before, but he finds it hard to meet other male and female friends outside of work every day.In addition, he has a best brother, through the introduction of relatives, and now have the opportunity to meet his wife.They have been married for three years now and are still very happy.So slowly, Yang Jun is no longer so repellent to blind date.However, when he decided to meet a girl, he heard from colleagues about some strange blind dates.Some men would rather marry a divorced woman than marry an older single woman.This, in fact, Yang Jun does not understand.In his opinion, divorced women after all have married experience, if the girl has a child, then two people together again, need to face more complicated problems.But after dating three older women during the Spring Festival, Yang finally found out why men were afraid to marry them.The first and second girls, both in their late 40s, have ordinary jobs and have no special pursuits in life.Yang Jun has no requirement on the age of girls, but if they want to be together, the spirit of both sides must be more fit.However, they just met for the first time, in the process of eating, the girl took the initiative to say their own mate requirements, they asked Yang Jun very directly how much income?Do you have a room?When you get married, can you give 300,000 dowry and so on.Hearing these words, Yang Jun was covered, and also identified each other is not the right person.The last girl, Sun Ting, is a younger 35-year-old teacher.All aspects of the conditions, Yang Jun is very satisfied with her, hope each other can have a good understanding.But later get along with the process, Sun Ting shows a very arrogant appearance, what things should be the center with himself.And, she is very picky to the man, but every Yang Jun has a little not meticulous, Sun Ting’s attitude immediately becomes very cold.Yang Jun had been very patient, can face an eye to have his woman only, he can choose to give up only.During the Spring Festival, Yang Jun went on blind dates with three older women and finally understood why men were afraid to marry them.The reason is that they set their sights too high. They don’t have a clear understanding of themselves, but they have very high requirements for others.Without a clear understanding of their own, easy to take detours in the feelings.There is a saying in the Book of The Past: “We often look at and judge others with a magnifying glass, but seldom look inward.”Those who cannot see themselves are apt to think highly of themselves.Why are there so many women who are beautiful, but they are left behind?The reason is that they always think that because they are so good-looking, they can marry a man who is excellent in all aspects, and they will feel justified in wanting to marry up.Perhaps there have been a lot of heterosexual pursuit, so they will have a sense of superiority inexplicable, even if they have lost the advantage of the age, can still do not always, face up to the problem of reality.Just like Yang’s first two blind dates, they have just started meeting each other, and the other’s focus is on his income and how much dowry he can give.When they put forward these unreasonable requirements of the time, the heart has never reflected, why a opposite sex will be willing to pay so much for them?This is also the reason why men do not dare to marry old leftover women. They think they are good-looking and they only want to marry rich men.They are very demanding, but they don’t have the resources to match a good man.The truly excellent men will not marry ordinary women casually, they will consider the girl’s working ability, as well as family conditions and so on.If a woman is over 30, but the overall conditions are not good, then no matter how good-looking you are, it is difficult to attract the attention of the other man.In the end, even ordinary men dare to marry old leftover women, because if they have to spend so much money and material resources to get married, it will seriously affect the quality of life after marriage.Rather than putting so much pressure on yourself, it’s easier to be with a woman who’s divorced but not demanding.Yang Jun blind date after really understand, why a lot of men around are so old single girl exclusion.Hopefully, everyone can have a clear understanding of their own, when you want to find a kind of partner, first think about whether they are enough to match him.END