Jianghuai Shuailing Zhizun edition, cold Chain no. 1 Shuailing Ice Doctor new launch countdown 2 days

2022-07-23 0 By

On February 19, 2022, the launch conference of JAC Shuailing Zhizun Version and Cold Chain No.1 Shuailing Ice Doctor will be officially held in Qingzhou, Shandong province.At that time, the new version of Shuailing Zhizun and the new cold chain No. 1 Dr. Shuailing Ice will officially meet with you.Jianghuai Shuailing Intelligent Version, all-round renewal, seven upgrades, interior and exterior decoration modeling new upgrade, the new modeling powerful atmosphere, more style, power equipped with Ankang E2.5 engine, 2.5L displacement can burst 160 powerful horsepower, peak torque 460N·m, low speed torque 360N·m, start acceleration performance improved 15%,Rotating speed between 1400-2200 RPM, can maintain the maximum torque more in line with the needs of Chinese users, specially tailored for the new blue brand regulations.In addition, the chassis, interior, coat, intelligence and value of a comprehensive refresh, to bring users a new model under the blue brand New Deal, a new experience.Cold Chain No. 1 Shuailing Bing Doctor is equipped with ankang E3.0 engine, the biggest compliance power of blue brand. It has 91 technical patents and 11 technological upgrades.The engine adopts the high pressure common rail system of 2000bar, with large injection pressure, sufficient atomization and combustion, and the fuel consumption of 100km is less than 2 liters of the same level products.And jianghuai cold-chain use special chassis, the original cold storage compartments body factory assembly, integration, with well-known big-name cold machine, the unified national price, can be customized different transport scene models, product quality is high, the heat preservation performance is good, price transparency, designed for cold chain market, Dr ShuaiLing ice cold chain 1 new listing, will bring more advantages for the market and users of products to choose.Brand-new modelling ShuaiLing wisdom Buddha release version and Dr ShuaiLing ice cold chain 1, will drive the blue card light trucks and refrigerator car industry in terms of appearance and configuration of industry update trend, and in the modelling, power, chassis, jacket and so on various aspects have obvious advantages in ShuaiLing wisdom Buddha and Dr ShuaiLing ice cold chain 1 will be extensive friendly card the year of the tiger to get rich is the best choice.Interested card friends must not miss it!February 19, Qingzhou, Shandong, JIANGhuai Shuailing Supreme version, cold chain no. 1 Dr. Shuailing Ice new launch please pay attention!