The former deputy general manager of Shaanxi Coal chemical Group Co., LTD. Zhang Danli case warning

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Zhang Danli, 66, spent the Spring Festival, his second since losing his freedom, awaiting sentencing.On the afternoon of December 2, two years ago, he was taken away from shaanxi Iron and Steel Group Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Shaanxi Steel Group”) for investigation after years of retirement.Shaanxi Steel Group is an important place where Zhang Danli made a fortune.In 2009 he participated in the establishment of Shaanxi Steel Group and became the first Party Secretary and chairman of Shaanxi Steel Group.In Shaanxi Steel Group, As the “number one” zhang Danli, especially in investment decisions, material procurement, personnel appointment, reform and other major issues can be called “a tyrant”.For a long time, he took advantage of his position to seek benefits for others and accepted a large amount of money and property.In the end, the place where he made his fortune became the place where he died.”The son whose father trusts most has become a sinner of the Party and the people”, winner of the National May 1 Labor Medal, Economic Figure of Shaanxi Province, Model Worker of Shaanxi Province…Zhang Danli has been a “halo” enveloped.Cast aside many honors, “steel second generation” is the most distinctive identification of Zhang Danli.In 1976, Zhang Danli to the identity of educated youth through recruitment into the steel plant.At that time, the Luyang steel plant is a thunderbolt in the northwest of the steel enterprises, Zhang Danli’s parents are also working here.In 1978, Zhang Danli was admitted to Xi ‘an Institute of Metallurgy (the predecessor of Xi ‘an University of Architecture and Technology), majoring in metallurgy. After graduation, he took the initiative to return to Luyang and became a steelmaking worker in Luyang Steel Plant.In the luyang steel plant, Zhang Danli has also worked hard to become a role model for many young workers.In March 1985, zhang Danli was appointed deputy director of Shaanxi Longmen Iron and Steel General Works when he was less than 30 years old.”Conditions were hard but full.I was young, but full of fight and passion.”Thinking of this experience, Zhang Was deeply repentant. “My father could never imagine that his most trusted son had violated his teachings, forgotten his original intention, and was unworthy of the Party and the people. Step by step, he became a sinner of the Party and the people.”In March 2002, Zhang Danli was again appointed as chairman and general manager of Shaanxi Longmen Iron and Steel Group Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Longmen Iron and Steel Group”).Taking charge of Longgang Group became an important turning point of Zhang Danli’s career in the future.In this important post, he lost the educated youth years, steelmaking career of struggle.Especially with the change of status, Zhang Danli became more and more powerful and faced more and more temptations. He threw party discipline and state law to the back of his mind, lost his ideals and beliefs, and finally became a captive of greed.He could not help but sigh, “where is the man who wanted to make Shaanxi iron and steel bigger and stronger?Where are the people who were determined to be righteous and clean?”A supplier wanted to become a shareholder of Longgang Group. At first, zhang danli was often invited to have dinner and drink with him, and each time he would give him small gifts and red envelopes, but he did not refuse.After that, the other party came to his office directly with a paper bag, which was fully filled with 500,000 yuan in cash.Zhang Danli was enchanted.There was even a hint of smirk and elation in his nervousness.”I deserve it for doing him such a good turn.””My greed gradually got the better of me,” he confesses. “After a few fights, I accepted this huge bribe.”How you treat the little things is the true test of a man.Zhang Danli thinks “subsection harmless” and does not care, eventually forget the original intention to lose true colors, greed expansion.”I received 10 million yuan in a bank card from the chairman of a mining group after I helped him, which was the largest single bribe I ever received.”According to the investigation, Zhang Danli has made illegal decisions, approved and voted on 80 times to provide guarantee to enterprises without property rights in the name of Longgang Group and Longgang Company, causing serious debt risk to state-owned assets.He also illegally set up a “small Treasury” in Longgang group, among which he directly managed and examined and signed the revenue and expenditure of more than 220 million yuan.Most of the money was used to pay bonuses to mid-level cadres, while a small amount was used to cover Mr Zhang’s personal expenses.In 2004, at a time when Longgang was struggling and suffering heavy losses, Zhang danli used advertising to attract celebrities and used 2 million yuan of Longgang’s money to sponsor a famous singer’s concert in Xi ‘an.Zhang danli is a big fan of the singer.In 2009, under the pretext of sponsoring a media gathering event, he invested 791,700 yuan to buy a Toyota SUV for the event organizer, squandering public property and causing bad influence.Zhang danli, a former steelworker, has spent almost his entire career working with steelmakers.Steelmaking is a process of continuous quenching and tempering. The finer and tighter the process, the higher the quality of steel.Regrettably, Zhang Danli himself eventually failed to withstand the test of “thoroughly tempered”, he was defeated, want to lose, so that the enterprise suffered huge losses.In 2007, shaanxi provincial sasac approval Long Gang group and two private companies together to form a Long Gang company in tianjin, clear requirements Long Gang group by 200 million yuan, net assets, respectively, the rest of the two companies invested 160 million yuan and 140 million yuan in cash, and requires strictly implemented according to the tripartite agreement, to ensure that the shareholders not encroach on their rights and interests,To ensure the relative holding position of state-owned shares in the new company.According to the shareholders’ Agreement of the three parties, the equity between the shareholders shall not be merged or transferred to each other, and shall not be transferred to the same legal person.However, Zhang Danli, without collective research, decided and agreed to the partner’s equity merger, resulting in the loss of the relative holding position of state-owned shares.For the two private enterprises in Tianjin, relying on the “big tree” of Longgang Group is something they can meet but cannot seek.In order to maintain this interest, yu Xx, the legal representative of the other company, presented cash and property to Zhang Danli six times, equivalent to nearly 1.5 million yuan.What is more interesting is that Zhang Danli became a director of the other company on a part-time basis without the approval of the organization and enjoyed the bribe in the name of bonus of directors.In April 2009, Shaanxi Province established Shaanxi Steel Group with Longgang Group as the leader, and Zhang Danli served as the first Party secretary and chairman.In 2011, Zhang danli was elected “Shaanxi Economic Figure of the Year”.In the book “Shaanxi Economic Figure of the Year” compiled and published by the winners, his story was described as “honest heart casting steel soul”.In February 2012 Mr. Zhang began to serve as deputy General Manager of Shaanxi Coal & Chemical Group Co., LTD.Below the cultivation that organizes, Zhang Danli moves toward official career peak step by step.However, he himself is not strong, both want to leave a clean reputation, and enjoy the illegal income of the “dividend”.For 10 years from 2003 to 2013, Zhang handed over some money symbolically to the unit every year, in order to deceive the vast number of cadres and employees to build his image of integrity.In fact, greed is like “Pandora’s box”, once opened, what is done cannot be undone.From the beginning of high-grade tobacco and alcohol, gifts and gold, to later gold, jewelry, watches;From tens of thousands of yuan in cash, to real estate worth millions of yuan later, and even more, received 10 million yuan at a time.As Zhang Danli said, “As my position is getting higher and the enterprise is developing faster and faster, more and more people are looking for me to make connections and trust me to do things, and more and more people are offering bribes and gifts in the name of all kinds of people. Facing these, I feel very uneasy. I want to accept them, but I know that discipline is not allowed by law.But do not accept and feel the heart is unwilling, greedy heart ready to move.It was in this mind that I kept taking money while trying to hide it.””Degenerate into a guilty person greedy for pleasure” The power of the “head” of the state-owned enterprise is concentrated, honest risk, only consciously accept supervision, strictly observe the political discipline and rules, the power of the opponent always keep a cautious attitude of “walking on thin ice, like the abyss”, can fulfill the responsibility of the first responsible person.We will ensure that major policies and plans of the Party and the state are implemented in soes.Should have started their conscientious zhang, zhang had satisfied lying on the “wins”, relax the party spirit training, the loss of the ideal faith, indulge in coloured extravagant life, enjoying the unscrupulous businessmen “hunting” and puff, the party and the people giving the power to grab self-interest tool, “in and out of the upscale restaurants, way of life is in pursuit of high standard”.Zhang danli lives in a duplex apartment of more than 400 square meters, with all the furniture made of high-grade mahogany, luxurious interior decoration and furnishings, and a separate sauna.Zhang Danli loves writing calligraphy with brush strokes. At home, he has collected more than 60 pieces of famous calligraphy and paintings, more than 30 kinds of high-grade inkstones and seals, as well as jade porcelain, caterpillar fungus and precious purple sand POTS.In 2020, Yang Wenkuan and Yang Shili, former general manager of Shaanxi Steel group and former deputy finance minister of Longsteel group, were investigated respectively.Two people around were checked, let Zhang Danli some guilty.He packed and divided the jade ornaments, stock certificates, insurance policies, real estate ownership certificates, relevant investment and financial management certificates, part of RMB, US dollar, euro, yen and pound, as well as a large amount of Maotai and Wuliangye stored in his home and transferred them to his relatives’ homes for hiding.In April 2020, shaanxi Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision carried out preliminary verification of zhang Danli’s suspected violation of discipline and law.The Zhang Danli right now is like a bird alarmed by the mere twang of a bow-twang, multi probe verification progress, deliberate against organizational review.On December 1, 2020, with the approval of shaanxi Provincial Party Committee, shaanxi Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision placed zhang Danli on file for investigation on suspicion of serious violation of discipline and law, and took detention measures against him.Until this time, Zhang Danli is still lucky, account for the problem is not thorough, not comprehensive, in an attempt to muddle through.After investigation, from longmen Iron and Steel General Plant to Longmen Steel Group, Shaanxi Steel Group, Zhang Danli took advantage of the convenience of his position, in material supply, product processing, equity transfer, project contracts and other aspects for many people to seek benefits, the total amount of bribery more than 40 million yuan.In this process, many of Zhang danli’s relatives relied on his privilege and influence to seek benefits, to which Zhang Danli acquiesced and connived.In August 2021, Zhang danli was indicted by prosecutors on suspicion of accepting bribes.The once famous head of a state-owned enterprise once again recalled the scene when he first worked in the Luyang steel plant.At that time, smug Zhang Danli bent on the job, “high-spirited, a cavity blood, hard work, repay the party.”Once, the leaders of the competent departments came to the factory for investigation. They were moved to learn that only Zhang Danli volunteered to work in the production line among the 24 college students who graduated that year. They not only visited him in the workshop, but also said solemnly, “I see the hope of Shaanxi Iron and Steel in you.”At that moment, Zhang Danli set his first ambition in life: “To do bigger and stronger Shaanxi iron and steel as their own duty.””An aspiring young man who was determined to contribute everything to the Party and the people degenerated into a sinful man with a lust for pleasure.”More than 40 years later, this once proud steelworker has personally pushed himself into a hopeless situation.During these months of detention, I often wondered why I had become this way.By giving me this important enterprise, the Party and the people have shown their utmost trust in me and expect me to do a good job of the enterprise and make greater contributions to the country, instead of becoming a platform or tool for me to seek personal gains.Why do they become so obsessed with power and money, pursuing a luxurious lifestyle?Where did the man who wanted to make Shaanxi iron and steel bigger and stronger go?Where is the man who once aspired to be righteous and clean?…………………During his time in office, I relaxed political theory learning and self-cultivation in ascension, forget the party’s tenet and mission, beginner’s mind, especially after the party’s 18, the CPC Central Committee to strengthen efforts to fight corruption, I not only didn’t alert in a timely manner, instead of on the wrong road more walk more far, investigate its root causes, or not seriously take the lead in studying the party’s line policies, always think they are asking for,I seldom learn to understand.In pursuit of forms of more at ordinary times, talk about, but there is no real place inside themselves, just for the masses and leadership playacting, on the stage, about the party spirit, the audience still eating and drinking, thought to make up for the enterprise benefit, other aspects have a problem it doesn’t matter, the political study, political education perfunctory, away from the organization.I remember that when I was just detained, I still boasted strong party spirit and said that I had no problems and could withstand any investigation.But when the comrades of the task force asked me who introduced me to join the Party and let me recite the party oath, my mind is a blank, tongue-tied.That’s when I realized I had deserted the organization………………….Since becoming chairman and general manager of Longgang, I have placed myself in a high position.With the longer and longer tenure, the desire for power and money is also more and more strong, can not correctly face the supervision from the worker masses, it is their own “lead” role, leading to the internal ethos of Longgang is not right.And in some key positions in Longgang, most of the leading cadres are personally promoted by me, they will more or less listen to my advice, so in some major projects of the enterprise, my opinion is everyone’s opinion, meetings are also a forma, careful study and discussion, everything is my final say.The Party requires all party members and cadres to adhere to the Party’s mass line and maintain close ties with the people. No party member should be allowed to separate himself from the people or place himself above them. What I have done is exactly the opposite.Gradually, my heart and the party organization and employees are more and more far away, to the enterprise grass-roots level to get less and less.On the contrary, the life circle with the businessman boss is getting closer and closer, almost every day is all kinds of meals, drink red in the face, in pushing a cup for a cup to enjoy the “puff” of others, oneself also on high.Gradually, I lost my way, gradually lost myself, but also lost my working principles………………….The Party requires every member of our party to bear hardships and stand hard work, abide by principles, self-abnegation, make more contributions, resolutely oppose hedonism and extravagance wind, but I did the opposite, every day in the endless variety of meals lost themselves.Is high-grade in and out of the restaurant, drinking maotai, way of life is in pursuit of high standard, slowly tilt the scales of the heart, cultivate oneself originally being educated youth life simple quality are reduced, but also played down his own mission, his mind forget principle and throw away the bottom line, deep ground of pleasure and luxury fashion “cancer”, quickly spread all over the body.I have blackened the glorious image of the Party and the organization. I am really guilty of no excuse.I beseech the organization to deal with me seriously, in order to correct party discipline and state law, warn posterity, restore the bad influence.I hope the majority of party members and cadres must learn my lesson, do not repeat my mistakes, take me as a mirror, be loyal, clean, responsible, selfless dedication to the Party and the people.Zhang Danli source: Party style and clean government author: Song Yu Editor: Liu Yang Statement: Reprint this article is for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: