Welcome the Spring Festival to send warm love, Ezhou Chu business association to carry out visiting activities

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To fully embody the employees of enterprises, difficulties and difficult people care about, the organization’s care and warmth to the chamber of commerce member companies as well as the community crowd, in the Spring Festival is approaching, ezhou federation of chu, in different ways to carry out the “spring warmth of love” visits condolences, for hard worker gave into one, difficult people,New Year’s greetings and best wishes.From January 25 to 27, under the leadership of Jin Mingjian, Party construction instructor and General Branch Secretary of the Chamber of Commerce, Ke Xianhe, Deputy Secretary of the General Branch of the Party, and Yang Guang Zhao, secretary General and chairman of the Labor Union,Chamber staff and some union members line further easygroup media, creative advertising, the abrasive tool, yinhai liuzhou, the Great Wall garden, SAN long investment member enterprise and pilot community sports branch, penetration “five” (the ancient streets flying geese, xishan side streets month bay), sent to the edible oil, rice, noodles and dry gift bag, and hard worker talk to heart,Find out more about their life and work, encourage them to face up to temporary difficulties, stay positive, do a good job, take good care of their family, and trust that things will get better gradually.On January 22, ye Xiangyuan, member of the municipal CPPCC, supervisor of ezhou Chushang Federation, chairman of Hubei Innovation Advertising Co., Ltd. visited the elderly over 70 years old in Liuzhao village, Hua Hu town, and sent rice, edible oil and other materials worth 20,000 yuan.On January 22nd, the CPPCC members, ezhou chu business association executive vice President, hubei Great Wall garden hotel co., LTD., chairman lee wai keung line condolences to Stuart and lotus community visits, to the Great Wall garden hotel for life difficult family necessities rice, edible oil and other supplies to more than 20 poor residents home, and consolation money to 200 yuan per household.On January 13, ezhou business association executive vice President, hubei jin chu Long Xuan health industry management co., LTD., chairman of KeBoXue line to issue the lake tai town, the high mountain village condolences to people over age 70, sent to rice, edible oil and other supplies and red envelopes, more than 20000 yuan, total donations is KeBoXue President for the third time to the high mountain donation activities.On January 20, the city people’s congress, ezhou of hubei chu business association, vice chairman, ezhou years big health management co., LTD., general manager of hoyi XieMei years big healthy volunteers to ezhou, mental health center to carry out the “send” warm sympathy activities, for the patient to send a winter coat keep out the cold materials, such as making the special patient groups felt from society family warmth and thick love.On January 19, Zhao Yixi, general manager of Hubei Anxingtai Pharmaceutical Co., LTD., a member of the Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and vice chairman of The Ezhou Chushang Association, visited the needy people in Situ community and sent rice, oil and other supplies worth 3,000 yuan to 20 needy families.A gift of sympathy, a word of warm words let the elderly living alone in the community, left-behind children, poor people feel a deep love.As of press time, ezhou Chu business association member enterprises in different forms of condolence activities are still continuing.During the activity, the visiting staff talked with the people in difficulties, learned about their family situation, work and living conditions in detail, told them to do a good job in prevention of the epidemic, take good care of their health, and wished them good health, a happy life, a happy family, and a happy and peaceful Spring Festival.Through visiting and visiting, they not only gave the disadvantaged groups material help, emotional warmth, but also gave spiritual encouragement, and fully reflected the initiative of Chu merchants in Ezhou to participate in social management, and their political acuity to shoulder responsibilities and share the worries of the Party and the government in the economic and social development of Ezhou.