Yuan Jiajian made an unannounced visit to the “ten sentinel points” in Zhuhai to implement epidemic prevention and control measures

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Yuan Jia stresses keep tightly when alive and secretly epidemic prevention and control work main onus fine prevention and control measures to play a role of “ten sentinel” warning anyang reporters Zhang Junjun/figure on the afternoon of February 2, municipal party committee secretary Yuan Jiajian line arrive without pomp, in-depth neighborhood pharmacy, medical institutions, hotels, such as investigations of our city “ten sentinel” to carry out the disease prevention and control measures.He stressed the importance of giving full play to the early warning function of the “ten sentinel points”, which must not go out of control and create conditions for the steady restoration of normal social order.Yuan Jiajian first came to the Yishoutang pharmacy located on Xingtai Road, Mr. Ren was about to buy cough medicine, the pharmacy does not sell according to the regulations, Yuan Jiajian asked to understand the situation, personally explained the relevant policies to the public and suggested that he go to the hospital outpatient treatment prescription.He inspected the epidemic prevention situation of pharmacies, learned about the arrangement of duty during the Spring Festival, and inquired about the registration of drug buyers and epidemic prevention measures of pharmacies.Yuan pointed out that retail pharmacies should strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control requirements, strictly prohibit illegal sales of fever, cough, antibiotics and other drugs, do a good job of inquiring personnel information registration, and timely report;At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the volunteers on duty to ensure that all measures of sentinel management are put into practice.In Anyang Sixth People’s Hospital, Yuan Jiajian led a team to the fever clinic to understand the treatment process of patients with fever, and to check the implementation of epidemic prevention measures such as the staffing of medical staff in the fever clinic, the setting of observation wards, and post-diagnosis management of patients with fever.Yuan jiajian stressed that medical institutions are vital checkpoints and must be strictly guarded.Fever clinic to implement more strict management, must be fine and fine;To track, pay attention to every fever patient, must not lose control;Pre-examination and triage should increase the strength of medical staff to ensure round-the-clock shift duty.We should strengthen the communication between hospitals and communities, more effectively play the role of medical institutions as sentinel points, and effectively form closed-loop management.Yuan Jiajian also came to Anyang Huaqiang Nuo Huating Hotel to check the epidemic prevention situation of the hotel, and have an in-depth understanding of the hotel’s management of yellow code and red code guests, isolation room Settings, and the connection with the community and relevant management departments.Yuan jiajian called for strict management of “ten sentry posts”, no need to tighten the cage, clear the responsible persons at all levels, and effectively stand up and watch the posts closely.Yuan jiajian stressed that we should be highly vigilant against slackness and war weariness, carry forward the spirit of continuous combat, and further improve the mechanism and consolidate responsibility around the “ten sentinel” early warning function to create conditions for the steady restoration of normal social life order.Relevant agencies and enterprises in the “ten sentinel sites” should shoulder their primary responsibility, draw lessons from the problems found, make serious rectification, consciously strengthen the role of early warning, strictly implement and fine-tune all epidemic prevention and control measures, and ensure that no hidden danger or source of risk is missed.City leader Dong Lianghong, Liu Jianfa attend unannounced visit to supervise.