Can tofu be adulterated?Beware: These four “fake tofu” don’t contain soy, so don’t be fooled

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The Spring Festival has ended, people start to work, or visit relatives and friends to entertain guests.Among them, it is not easy to gather together a table. Tofu, as one of the daily consumables, is also more common. Especially in winter, braised tofu with cabbage is refreshing and greasy, and it is very simple to make.Tofu belongs to the category of soy products, which contains a large number of plant hormones, especially female friends eating tofu properly can play a role in supplementing hormone progesterone, beauty, delaying premature ovarian failure.Tofu is also very cost-effective, which is one of the reasons for its popularity.How is traditional tofu made?The traditional tofu we eat in life is mainly divided into gypsum tofu and marinated tofu.The former is hard and the latter is bound to be tender and soft.Tofu is made by soaking soya beans, then grinding them, grinding them into slag, boiling them, and finally putting plaster on them to set them into shape. In this way, we know tofu.With the improvement of living standards, people’s awareness of health is also gradually enhanced.Soybean products are of various types and bring forth the new.However, many people do not have relevant knowledge reserves, especially the elderly, when they see food containing tofu, they automatically categorize it as soy products and enter the pit dug by businesses.Can tofu be adulterated?People in Jiangsu province are familiar with almond bean curd, a traditional dish that was once served at the Manchu and Han banquet.The process is simple: sweetened almonds are ground and boiled.After a period of time, it cools and solidifies and is cut into pieces. It is also called almond tofu because it looks like tofu on the outside.Almond, apricot kernel, high nutritional value, and ultra-high pharmacological value, appropriate consumption can play a runchang laxative, runfei cough qingrejie detoxification effect.However, in order to ensure the taste of almond tofu on the market, a large amount of sugar products are added, so delicious should be controlled.Lovers of malatang hot pot will be familiar with chaffy tofu, which many consider to be made with water and soy beans with a slight addition of thickening agents and starch.In fact, the difference between chiba tofu and traditional tofu is a heaven, an underground.Moderate eating can be accepted by the human body, more eating harmful.Bean curd contains corn starch and soy protein isolate, but does not contain soy phospholipids and carbohydrates.Therefore, chiba tofu is just a word with tofu, which is not tofu in essence at all. It is better to eat less.Eating hot pot malatang is an indispensable part of fish tofu.It’s so smooth, it’s so tasty, and there’s actually no soy in it at all.It’s just fish meat paste with all kinds of additives and gelatinous starch, shaped like pieces of tofu, named fish tofu.Its nutritional composition is 10 percent single, and there are even many preservatives that are harmful to your health.Go to the supermarket tofu shopping platform, you must have seen Japanese tofu.It’s like pudding, it’s bouncy, it’s smooth, it’s not tofu at all.Despite its name, Japanese tofu contains no soy and is made from egg, cooking oil and other ingredients.Regular eating of Japanese tofu is easy to metal poisoning, sodium ion hoarding too much induced hypertension, kidney disease affect the body development.How do we choose tofu correctly?Generally, tofu is made fresh and full of elasticity. When selecting tofu, you can press gently with your hand and obviously feel how elastic tofu is.Tofu stored for too long or after the shelf life, there is mucus on the surface, and the storage time is too long, after the shelf life lost elasticity, press does not rebound feeling very loose, a touch as if to fall apart.Tofu is made of fresh soy beans. The smell of freshly made tofu will be soybean milk, but the smell of spoiled tofu and tofu beyond the shelf life will be sour and pungent. When entering the mouth, it will feel sour without the usual smell of tofu.We found that when buy tofu yellow don’t have to worry too much about, generally serious workshop, pure natural without add tofu, color does have some yellow, and add a lot of bleach, thickener preservatives tofu color look very white, without any impurities, so we watch the color look carefully when buy, not yellow means poor quality.To sum up, it is difficult to tell whether tofu is real or fake, so you must sharpen your eyes when buying it. This “tofu” may not be the “tofu”.Healthy New Year