“I found a bundle of money by the side of the road…”

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“I picked up a penny in the road make it to the police’s uncle hand side” that the familiar song recently in huzhou staged “upgraded” on February 16 NaTaiHu district next to the owner Mr. Wang and sister picked up a bundle of money on their own store $one hundred bills with a “$ten thousand” as a whole seal in the face of such “money temptation” they choose the first alarm police stateStart a search for the other side side to read the public video visits around the store quickly, a video attracted the attention police images of two women with a handbag walk suddenly fell a bundle of goods suspected 100000 yuan cash seized the key information police make contact with the two women surprise is the second person incredibly also don’t know if I lost money two women rushed to the scene after the confirmation,Who is the owner holding was 100000 yuan in cash woman kept to thank Mr. Wang, sister, and civilian police for 100000 yuan from the lost to come back 2-seeded 33 minutes owner had no reaction to come over the missing money he returned to his hand a thing, a city people warm caring police have speed you can always believe in police’s uncle!Source: Huzhou Public Security editor: Qian Minda