Mei Lanfang two lady Fu Zhi Fang, and big lady mutual respect and mutual love, why is not meng Xiaodong?

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Throughout the history of Peking Opera, Mei Lanfang, “Boss mei”, is definitely a generation of famous actors.Mei Lanfang’s reputation is so high that people not only pay attention to his opera career, but also pay attention to his private life.Suffice it to say, this seems to be a problem shared by all celebrities.However, in mei Lanfang’s time, there was no monogamous marriage system, so “three wives and four concubines” was just a matter of romance, not a matter of style.Because of this, Mei Lanfang had a love story with three women in her life.Mei Lanfang is worth mentioning, unlike at that time many people after the house often quarreled, led to a farce, Mei Lanfang’s big lady Wang Minghua and two lady Fu Zhi Fang get along very well, can be said to respect each other, a harmonious.However, Mei Lanfang’s third confidante Meng Xiaodong, but there is no such good luck.Although Mei Lanfang and Meng Xiaodong’s pink anecdote is bubblingly spread, Meng Xiaodong still did not enter the door of mei’s house.So, why Meng Xiaodong and Fu Zhi Fang will be the opposite situation?Before mei Lanfang knew Fu Zhifang, he already had his wife Wang Minghua.Wang Minghua that year Mei Lanfang 17 years old, is also a pledge of love married Wang Minghua door.After their marriage, wang minghua gave birth to two children for Mei.At that time, Mei Lanfang’s career was flourishing. Wang Minghua didn’t want to drag Mei Lanfang down with family affairs, so he took the initiative to do birth control surgery.But, who ever thought, two by husband and wife 2 people place expectations of the child, but all early died.You know, at that time, it was important to carry on the family line. If Mei Lanfang only kept Wang Minghua for a lifetime, it would mean that the Mei family would “die out”.Wang Minghua is a typical traditional woman, naturally do not want such things to happen.Fu Zhifang then, Wang Minghua did not stop Mei Lanfang to marry again, after all, that time men three wives four concubines is too normal.At this moment, Mei Lanfang met the 16-year-old Fu Zhifang and said that fu Zhifang’s ancestors also had some status, but she fell down in the family of her mother.Although Fu Zhi Fang’s mother got married at the age of 19, her temper was unusually strong. Seeing her husband’s life was not happy, Fu Zhi Fang’s mother was still pregnant, so she returned to her mother’s home.Fu Zhifang was so pulled by her mother to grow up, such a life is naturally very difficult, so her mother will be young Fu Zhifang sent to learn drama.The said Fu Zhi Fang is a good life, because of his talent is good and a good voice, was famous Wu Ling Xian received the door.With a good teacher, Fu Zhi Fang’s opera skills are more profound, but also a popular “Angle”.Fans should know that Mei Lanfang is also wu Lingxian’s disciple and fu Zhifang’s elder brother.Thanks to the friendship of her classmates and the fact that Fu Was young and beautiful and had a good body, Mei Lanfang decided to marry her.Luckily, fu Zhi Fang was often harassed by men at that time, fu Zhi Fang’s mother also moved the idea of marrying women.Mei lanfang told his wife wang Minghua about his idea. Wang Minghua, a generous person, did not object.Mei Lanfang mei Lanfang immediately set up, invited a lot of celebrities for their matchmaking.But don’t forget, Fu Chi-fang’s mother is not one to lose.Her mother had her eye on Mei Lanfang, but she did not want her daughter to marry him as a concubine, so she asked.Fu chi-fang’s mother said that when her daughter passed through the gate, she had to be on an equal footing with Wang minghua, and she had to move in with her.If it were another family, nine times out of ten would not approve.However, Wang Minghua realized that she could not bear children, and did not want her husband in a dilemma, in the end or agreed to these requirements.Seeing Wang minghua nodding her head, Mei Lanfang immediately prepared to get married.But no matter how magnanimous the woman was, it was somewhat uncomfortable for her to marry a new man on an equal footing.So, on mei Lanfang and Fu Zhifang’s wedding day, Wang Minghua couldn’t help crying.In the end is the wife, Mei Lanfang heart how can not love, so, Mei Lanfang abandoned the newly married Fu Zhifang, went to Wang Minghua’s room, comfort the crying wife.One after another, until the day light, Mei Lanfang and Fu Zhifang back to the new house.If Mei Lanfang had let another girl go, she would have cried, made a scene and hanged herself.However, Fu Zhi Fang is very sensible.She did not complain about mei Lanfang, nor did she speak ill of Wang Minghua with the warmth of her marriage.In this way, Wang Minghua and Fu Zhifang’s daily get along has been very measured, did not make what chicken fly dog jump things.02 identity change at first, everyone is living in this surface of harmony, Wang Minghua’s heart although not blame Fu Zhifang, but also like it.Mei Lanfang (first from the right) lives under the same roof, but Wang Minghua is always polite and friendly, neither difficult nor close to Fu Zhifang.Fu Zhi Fang understand that he is after the door, and became a flat wife from the second room, so wang Minghua has always been respectful.Moreover, Fu Zhifang knew that those who always took the opportunity to stir up trouble would inevitably be annoyed by Mei Lanfang, so she kept to her duty.This situation changed until Fu Chi-fang became pregnant.Wang Minghua know, Fu Zhifang also know, Mei Lanfang for children have much value, therefore, Wang Minghua not only did not give Fu Zhifang “stumbling”, but is considerate care.Fu Zhi Fang also know that, after all, is to live together for a lifetime, and Wang Minghua did it is also a kind and righteous.Therefore, Fu Zhifang took the child to Wang Minghua’s room, said that the child is Wang Minghua’s.Wang Minghua did not expect fu Zhifang can do so, greatly moved in the heart.However, Wang Minghua also know that the child for a mother how important, so, they will hold the child back to Fu Zhifang, weekdays also help Fu Zhifang together to take care of.This took their relationship from seemingly harmonious at the beginning to truly harmonious together.Mei Lanfang and his wife and children Wang Minghua never by himself is Mei Lanfang’s wife, but to Fu Zhi Fang pick and choose, every way difficult, which also makes Fu Zhi Fang is very grateful.Fu Zhi Fang knew that even though she was married to her “ping wife” and gave birth to mei Lanfang’s child, the friendship between her and Mei lanfang was different. Therefore, Fu Zhi Fang had always been very measured and would not make any quarrels.Because the two wives are considerate, Mei Lanfang’s life has been very satisfactory.”Boss Mei” became more and more famous. Although information in those days was not as easy to spread as it is today, Boss Mei still became a national Peking Opera master.It would have been a blessing for Mei Lanfang if her life had continued like this.However, wang Minghua’s body gave a problem at this time, seeing his body day by day, Wang Minghua moved away from the capital, go to Tianjin to recuperate.Wang minghua finally died in Tianjin. After moving away, she never returned to the capital.Therefore, the mistress of mei’s house said there were two of them, but in fact it was Only Fu Chi-fang who had the final say over the affairs of the queen’s house.During this period, Fu became pregnant several times and gave birth to Mei Lanfang’s child.Mei Lanfang, perhaps because of her good looks and famous role in Beijing, still has some romantic instincts.Mei Lanfang thought that if Fu Zhifang could get along well with Wang Minghua, she could also get along well with other women.Therefore, Mei Lanfang again moved to let people into the room.However, Mei Lanfang miscalculated this time. Fu Zhifang did not accept her desire to marry again as she imagined.Perhaps it was because she lived with her mother since childhood that Fu zhifang’s temper more or less followed her mother, or maybe it was because Mei Lanfang was all she had to rely on.After all, since her marriage to Mei Lanfang, Fu has not performed on the stage again.It is clearly a good future, but early withdrawal from the opera circle, do a wash hands for soup, xiangfu godson woman.Therefore, after knowing Mei Lanfang had the intention to marry again, Fu Zhifang was absolutely unacceptable.She could not accept that she had given up her future to marry a man and fell in love again.03 regret can let Mei Lanfang moved to marry the mind of the woman is not generally, that is the pear garden strange woman known as the “Winter emperor” Meng Xiaodong.Different from many women are Dan Horn, Meng Xiaodong singing is old living, from Peking Opera old living Yu Shuyan.Meng Xiaodong seems to be born for the play, although it is a woman, when the stage performance but half points female are not.Heroic, powerful, in the bones of a spirit of Meng Xiaodong, no accident to attract mei Lanfang’s attention.Meng Xiaodong is also fascinated by Mei Lanfang, two people in the pear garden are everyone, naturally there are sympathetic.Two people so together, Mei Lanfang meng Xiaodong also count on every kind of love.Meng Xiaodong, however, Mei Lanfang home has a big lady Wang Minghua, and two lady Fu Zhi Fang, this Meng Xiaodong if you want to enter the door of mei’s house, can only be a concubate.That is to say, in the outside of the popular Meng Xiaodong, if married Mei Lanfang, will be at home under the people.However, even so, Meng Xiaodong or willing.Think, at that time Meng Xiaodong is love miserably Mei Lanfang, even if only a concubine room, Meng Xiaodong still want to have an identity, can legitimately accompany in Mei Lanfang side.However, two people did not think, even if Meng Xiaodong has been considered as a concubine room, the mei meng Xiaodong door or didnt go in.Can get along with the two lady, but can not tolerate the cross meng Xiaodong, temporarily, the atmosphere is tense.Yes, even if Wang Minghua lingering sickbed, not in the capital, but still do not agree with Meng Xiaodong door.And Fu Zhi Fang nature will not agree mei Lanfang to marry again, after all, he is later than Wang Minghua door, she had no choice, can only live in harmony with Wang Minghua, co-mistress.However, Meng Xiaodong is a comer, and younger than themselves, new love into the door, old love which can share how much of her husband’s pity.Therefore, Fu Zhi Fang attitude is firm, even if Mei Lanfang some angry, also never agree to let Meng Xiaodong door.After all, it was his wife, and Fu chi-fang gave birth to several children for himself, so she took care of the house.When their reputation is damaged because of various events, Fu Zhifang is also to stand up for their own justice, mei Lanfang in any case can not hurt the heart of Fu Zhifang.Thinking, Mei Lanfang can only secretly find a house outside, will Meng Xiaodong placed in it, he is a chance to go and Meng Xiaodong spring breeze once.Although Mei Lanfang action is not small, but also after the Ming road, but in this way, Meng Xiaodong even concubine room is not, can only be a half status are not “outside the room”.However, this is the case, Meng Xiaodong also did not want to break with Mei Lanfang love.Meng Xiaodong is fascinated by love of women always have a very high tolerance, Meng Xiaodong sang sang swallowed the grievance, thinking that one day can really be Mei Lanfang married into the house.Unfortunately, such persistence in the “mourning storm” after the collapse, Meng Xiaodong mei Lanfang still dead heart.At that time, Mei Lanfang’s aunt passed away, and mei Lanfang was adopted to his uncle’s family when he was young. She was his “mother”.It was a big occasion for the May family, which, by rights, should have been present.Thought the same as Mei Lanfang lover Meng Xiaodong, but in the funeral was humiliated and hurt all over the body, this also let Meng Xiaodong completely under the determination to leave Mei Lanfang.Mei Lanfang and Meng Xiaodong at that time, Meng Xiaodong a plain chimera came to mourn, but was Fu Zhifang directly stopped at the door.Fu Zhi Fang stood pregnant belly, not half polite, meng Xiaodong is not mei, she did not come to the truth of filial piety.At that time they were looking at the “lady hand tearing outside the room” farce, Meng Xiaodong’s face is nowhere to put.And Mei Lanfang saw Meng Xiaodong stopped by Fu Zhi Fang, but did not speak to dissuade Fu Zhi Fang.Perhaps Meng Xiaodong is his heart of the “red rose”, but, in the home of the Fu Zhi Fang in feeling in principle, obviously higher than the status of Meng Xiaodong on many.Meng Xiaodong looked at Mei Lanfang with hope, but only got mei Lanfang: “You go back.”Is such a word of cloud light atmosphere, Meng Xiaodong thoroughly see their position in Mei Lanfang’s heart, said what lang feeling concubine meaning a pair of people, but is his whimsical.Meng Xiaodong left the Plum house, do not hesitate to move away from Mei Lanfang to his “golden house”, she is not indecisive, Mei Lanfang let her hurt the heart, she is no longer as before generally cannot leave, can not put down.After Mei Lanfang is not not to find Meng Xiaodong, but Meng Xiaodong know, Mei Lanfang can not buy the home of Fu Zhi Fang in disregard, he is not worthy of their entrust for life, they decisively refused.And so the affair came to an end.Some people say, why can harmony before Wang Minghua and Fu Zhi Fang, but can not tolerate a concubine room can Meng Xiaodong?In the end, compromise is because of love, persistence is also because of love.