Must study medicine doctor graduate?Counselor: Except for these three majors, it is very easy to find a job after graduation

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In the medical field, a widely circulated saying is “advising people to study medicine, lightning strikes from heaven”.Some students dream of one day to become a people’s teacher, teacher education, and some students dream of one day to put on the “white coat”, to become a doctor to heal the wounded and rescue the dying.Medical major has always been a popular major among students. Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to health problems, and the development prospect of doctors is also very good.Not only is the social status is high, the salary is good, and the most important thing is that doctors are more and more popular as they get older. Even when they reach the retirement age, many hospitals still hire them with high salaries. Many parents think that being a doctor is equivalent to having an “iron rice bowl”.So why would there be such a thing as “advising people to study medicine, thunder strikes”?The main reason is that medical students have a hard time. In high school, teachers often say that they can do whatever they want when they go to college.It is true that college and high school want to compare, it is not the least bit easy, but also divided into professional, some professional and high school about the same, or even more tired than high school, medical professional is one of them.In the process of studying medicine, there are a lot of knowledge points to recite. Some medical students have posted their recited books on the Internet, and together they are as tall as an adult man.Moreover, the period of medical study is longer, and the length of undergraduate study is one year longer than that of other majors. Moreover, it is difficult to find a job for a bachelor’s degree, so most medical students choose to take postgraduate examination or even pursue a doctoral degree.That study medicine must take an examination of grind to read bo?Counselor: Except for these three majors, bachelor’s degree or employment. First, nurses can be seen in grade A hospitals or small clinics, or beauty salons and other places, and there is a large demand for nurses in the market.When looking for a job, the hospital also won’t care whether you are 985 famous school graduates, have or have high record of formal schooling, even if it is specialized subject graduates, obtain employment also is more relaxed.And if male students register for the nurse professional, employment is “xiangbobo”, there are many hospitals to rob you, although it is hard to be a nurse, but the stable income is also considerable.Second, medical imaging majors want to work more easily than nurses, which is very suitable for girls. They rarely work overtime, let alone face patients directly, and there is no doctor-patient dispute.In addition, this major does not have very high requirements for educational background in employment, and it is very easy to obtain employment in undergraduate degree. Hospitals pay more attention to the operation ability of equipment, which is a major worth considering.3. Stomatology, also known as dentistry, is easier to learn than clinical medicine. Although the schooling system is also 5 years, the learning pressure is much less.After graduation, whether to go to the hospital to apply for a dentist, or plan to open a small clinic, are very good choice, and a bachelor’s degree is enough.Also, dentists don’t have to deal with separation or frustration if they can’t do anything, which is one of the reasons why so many students enroll in stomatology.As mentioned above, studying medicine is not an easy thing, there are countless knowledge points to go and the learning process is very hard.The study cycle is also quite long. If you want to become a doctor, you need not only to take the postgraduate entrance examination, but also to read a doctoral degree. You need to read books for many years.In addition, it is not recommended for students from poor families to study medicine, because the learning process is very hard, and they have no spare time and energy to do part-time jobs, and the expenses during study are not small.And because of the perennial study, employment is several years later than other students, poor family college students can hardly stick to it, the family really can wait until their 30 years old or so in employment?In particular, the major of clinical medicine requires not only experiments, but also operations after work, which is also a challenge for timid students. Therefore, college students who want to study medicine also need some courage.In addition, college students should also have good physical fitness. Medical students often use the phrase “every year the final is better than the college entrance examination” to describe their learning state. After graduation, doctors work intensely, so their physical fitness must be good.All in all, when the student enters oneself for an examination of medical major, must consider carefully, determine oneself have that perseverance when enter oneself for an examination, otherwise later of delay or oneself future.Finally, I want to say: In addition to other external factors, the most important thing is to love this industry, otherwise it will be difficult to stick to the high intensity of study and work in the future.Do you think studying medicine will help you find a job?Feel free to leave your comments in the comments section.