When children have bad habits in life and study, parents should intervene as soon as possible, never appeasement

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“When I came home from school, my child took his mobile phone at the first time and urged him to do his homework. Even he was so anxious with me that he didn’t want to do anything except play games and asked him to eat.I don’t know when I formed such a bad habit, “the colleague said unhappily to his children.Every parent wants their children to be good enough, do not want their children to catch bad habits, but some habits are unknowingly deepened, parents find that their children catch bad habits, must pay attention to, must not be tolerated, so as not to magnify the problem.Many parents think that their children are young, so they do not discipline them, and even hope that they will automatically correct in the future, this idea will mostly fail, only parents timely guidance, so that children can realize their own problems, and actively correct.Children have these several bad habits, parents should intervene as early as possible addicted to video games the world is rich and colorful, when children play a game, often will be fascinated by it, even addicted to the game.When their children play games, many parents feel that their world is suddenly quiet, and some parents even connive at their children playing games in order to exchange their leisure time.In a short time addicted to games, maybe parents will not see any problems, but when children are addicted to games for a long time, they often find that children’s eyesight is decreased, concentration is decreased, and academic performance also appears a declining trend. The harm of children addicted to games is very serious, parents should know and pay attention to.Love to take advantage of children used to take advantage of others, and think this is their own smart move, but never see the harm of love to take advantage of others, perhaps in a short time will not attack, but for a long time to take advantage of others, others will be disgusted, inevitably will therefore affect the feelings between each other.Love to take small advantages to suffer big losses, often because they habitually take small advantages, resulting in their own lost the trust of the people around them, since then others are hiding themselves.Children become loners and relationships deteriorate.Selfishness Everyone is selfish, but if the eyes only themselves, but can not see others, then this kind of child is often excluded by the people around, parents in education children must not be unconditional spoil their children, but should let children learn to understand the feelings of others.In the heart of others, before the interests of three points, in order to make their own better life and study, if blindly consider their own interests, it is likely to be too selfish but rejected by others, for children’s life and learning will cause a great negative impact.Children have bad habit, perhaps because the several reasons for parents to the child too little attention, lack of work with a lot of parents very busy, they must, and children almost can’t see, not to mention with the child, because the child lack of parents’ company, so they tend to kill your boring time through the game.When parents find that their children are addicted to games, they must reflect on their own behavior and spend more time with their children.Perhaps the situation of each family is different, but as parents, they should assume their own responsibilities and should not give up accompanying their children because of busy work. Parents’ absence from the growth of their children often leads to tension between parents and children. Therefore, parents should give their children more companionship and attention.Every parent thinks he or she is a good parent, so they.Will own all.Experience is transmitted to children in every way possible, but some parents are misbehaving, but they do not know it, because of their own bad influence often children form bad habits.The child is the reflection of the parents’ behavior, and if the parents find that the child has produced bad behavior, then they should reflect on themselves, whether some of their own practices have already gone wrong.Only when parents change can children become better.Parents parenting wrong consciousness many parents always think children age is small, no matter what children do wrong things, they will of course forgive me, because in their view, children grew up, everything will turn out fine, under this kind of mistake parenting knowledge, it is easy to be allowed for children, parents let bad habit gradually deepened.In the way of parenting, parents have a long way to go. If they tolerate their children because they are young, then they have lost the chance to change their children when they grow up. Therefore, parents should point out mistakes when they find them and avoid letting their children go further and further down the road.The bad habits of children, parents should be how to correctly guide the children aware of the seriousness of the problem many of the children know that their approach is right, but they are often not aware of the seriousness of the problem, to play around a pair of appearance, as if everything is not the problem, under the consciousness of this kind of mistake, children is impossible to fix the problem,Therefore, parents should correct their children’s attitude and realize the importance of the problem.Parents urge their children to correct their mistakes, be sure to give their children buffer time, do not imagine that children can be three days and two days of earth-shaking changes, too hasty, but will dispel the child’s confidence.When children change bit by bit, parents should give recognition and encouragement, so that children continue to move forward in the right way, to avoid repeating mistakes.Give the child enough love and attention to many of the children of bad habits, is formed under the conditions of drift, so parents should try to give children more love and attention, let kids know how parents have been in love with himself, his own strong-positive and expectations from the strict with himself in the heart, self behavior active constraints.Parents are busy with work and have been exhausted physically and mentally, but this is not the reason for missing the growth of children. After all, what we do is mostly for the children. If we miss the growth of children because of their own work, it is inevitable to put the cart before the horse.The author summarizes the children appeared bad habit, parents do not have to blindly, perhaps the problem is not the child, the child age small, lack of self-control, if parents control not strictly is easy to appear problem, so parents try to stand in the child’s point of view, take the initiative to adjust their way of education, let the child changed step by step.Today’s topic: What are your children’s bad habits?Was the correction process difficult?Feel free to leave me a comment below.For more exciting content, come and pay attention to rice education