Which college do you prefer to go to?The strengths and weaknesses of hogwarts houses are neither pure good nor bad

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Each college at Hogwarts is considered one-dimensional in “Harry Potter” theory, and each has its own personality that distinguishes it from the other colleges.For this reason, the Harry Potter Academy has received both praise and criticism over the years.Gryffindor, for example, tends to be regarded as the best house because almost all the main characters are there, Hufflepuff has always been regarded as a weak school, and Slytherin as the “evil” house.In fact, all houses at Hogwarts are not simply one-dimensional. Just as everyone has positive and negative traits, no two people are exactly alike, and in the same way, almost no one is pure good or pure evil, everything is opposite and unified.One of the ways harry Potter fans identify themselves with the wizarding world is by finding out which of the four Hogwarts houses they should belong to, and testing where they should belong by looking up certain criteria.Being a Member of Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw usually meant a variety of traits and attributes, both good and bad.While not every trait is necessarily suitable for everyone in the academy, it is generally fair to say that putting both positive and negative traits together encapsulates those traits in the Academy, showing both sides of the individual and the group.Hufflepuff best trait – loyal and humble rowling said in the last book harry potter, hufflepuff are always those who insist on fighting, that’s because they know it is right, not because the only want to honor or to show off, many students are very brave hufflepuff, there’s no need to boast.Hufflepuff students were loyal to their moral conscience and friends, and always had been.The house is often stereotyped as not having many powerful traits, but in terms of loyalty they are definitely the most prominent of all the houses, so it’s hard to understand why they are widely regarded as not having any outstanding powerful traits in the first place.One of the biggest differences between Hufflepuff and the other Hogwarts houses was that they were not arrogant. Hufflepuff was usually much more modest than gryffindor, or even Slytherin or Ravenclaw.They are known for their kindness, which is an important reason for their modesty, they don’t want to upset others, their desire is to make others happy, and they don’t want to draw attention to their achievements.While there is nothing laudable about asking to be likeable, it must be difficult to be a person who doesn’t blow his own horn and remain humble whenever he or she succeeds.Hufflepuff’s Worst Traits – Dependence and Credulity Hufflepuff students are very friendly and, as mentioned earlier, loyal to those with whom they form a bond.However, when they become a little too dependent on others, it becomes a little negative.Sometimes hufflepuff students struggled to be left alone.This not only makes them overly dependent on others, but also prevents them from expressing their opinions to avoid conflict with others.Another consequence of their interdependence may be their naive faith in people, and even their excessive tolerance and loyalty to untrustworthy people.Another problem with Hufflepuffs is that sometimes they think that because they are so loyal and kind, other people will share their qualities.Unfortunately, the world is not as simple as they imagine.Hufflepuff students always expected the same loyalty in return, but it often didn’t.So hufflepuff students are the easiest to take advantage of, and their good hearts mean that they can sometimes be a burden and a weakness.Gryffindor is the home of bravery, and Harry got there by virtue of his courage.Hermione and RON had joined Harry for the same reason.Over and over again, the Harry Potter series has preached the importance of standing up to the odds, and every brave character is naturally placed in Gryffindor House.Since the college is famous for bravery, more students rush to enter the college, because students want to get the name of bravery, they are proud of having such excellent qualities.Gryffindors generally have an admirable spirit of adventure, which they often infuse into every aspect of their lives. For them, life as a whole is one big adventure to be enjoyed.While taking risks is not always a good thing, it doesn’t necessarily follow that Gryffindors are immature, they just like to make the most of life, find a sense of fun and adventure in all aspects of life, and they like to go out and do things for goals rather than just sit there and dream.Gryffindor’s worst traits – Stubbornness and Recklessness Although many people think of Gryffindor as an almost flawless hero, this is not really the case.In fact, they share many characteristics with the oft-criticized Slytherin House.Gryffindors have their own shortcomings, such as the near-impossibility of trying to argue with gryffindors or change their minds on an issue, just how stubborn they are.This makes it difficult to communicate with them, and sometimes their shortcomings can make them a big problem.Even Harry is never willing to admit his mistakes.When he ran after Sirius, for example, he refused to accept that it might have been a trap set by Voldemort.The Gryffindors were also somewhat arrogant; they tended to be a reckless bunch, and sometimes even plunged headlong into unexplained standoffs and confrontations, much of which might have been better resolved, or even avoided, if they had calmed down.There are many reasons for this gryffindor trait, most of which may be arrogance and an innate urge to prove oneself, or an overzealous sense of adventure.Whatever the reason, they often get themselves into embarrassing situations that they regret.The best attributes of Ravenclaw – cleverness and the password to create ravenclaw Common Room is a puzzle that most students, even as young as 11, can solve, but none of the other houses can.This alone was enough to show that Ravenclaw was very clever.Some of them may not have been born so smart, but the less intelligent studied harder and improved until they were as smart as the rest of the class.The school is full of powerful intellectual accolades, which is the main reason why the Sorting Hat almost sent Hermione to Ravenclaw.Cleverness and intelligence may be the most characteristic and valued qualities of Ravenclaw, but alongside cleverness comes creativity, a trait not only valued at Ravenclaw, but also embodied in most of the students enrolled at the college.Especially someone like Luna, with all her whimsical imagination, was a perfect example of this trait at Ravenclaw.Ravenclaws tend to be free-spirited, and their intelligence and passion also inspire imagination and creativity, so they create a lot of brilliance in the magical world.The problem with Ravenclaw is that they know they are smart, which leads them to spend their lives thinking they are better than others, which often leads them to judge others as inferior to them.But it may not be so. People from other houses may just be clever in a different way. Even so, arrogance and unfair judgment can easily emerge at Ravenclaw.The ignorance, arrogance and contempt of Ravenclaw stemmed from their sense of superiority and their confidence in their own intelligence that they were cleverer and better than the other houses.As a rule, Ravenclaws were very resistant to ideas that went against their logic.They are also quite ignorant of the workings of others, and even more interested in their own circles, for example, they rarely venture out to form group friendships with other colleges.Not quite as bad as Slytherin, but there was a definite bias against Ravenclaw.Slytherin’s Best Qualities – Calm and Ambition Slytherin is the best house when it comes to dealing with a crisis.Because they are good at keeping a level head.They are good at stopping and thinking, and finding solutions when necessary.They tend not to get carried away by fear and stress, but are creative problem solvers in the face of adversity.Unfortunately, this trait is often used for dark things, as we have seen with Voldemort and Draco Malfoy, but it is a positive trait in its own right, and many Slytherin students will be able to use it as a positive trait.Look at Regulus Black, who managed to study horcruxes under Voldemort’s nose.One of the common characteristics of those who were classed as Slytherins was incredible ambition.This may have something to do with career, education or life, and the number of slytherin students who are not ambitious is very small.There’s nothing wrong with that in itself, but the worst thing about the people of Slater Woods is that it fuels their quest for power.There is nothing wrong with ambition, it is an admirable quality that should be possessed by any group or individual, and the desire to be better, more successful or whatever it is that attracts many to Slytherin.It was these traits that led many people, including the Sorting Hat, to believe that Harry, too, resembled a Slytherin.Slytherin’s Worst Qualities manipulation and Cruelty While Slytherins are not all evil, they have their share of bad qualities.One of their worst traits is that they are manipulative.While this is sometimes unconscious, it can sometimes manifest itself horribly and on a massive scale, like Voldemort’s occupation.Their ambition means they will do whatever it takes, including telling people things that aren’t true or distorted facts, to make things go their way.The unfortunate reality of Slytherin house is that while they may be unfairly judged, they do have a large number of evil wizards and, overall, could be described as the cruelest house.Their elitist attitudes and prejudices were an example of this, as was Slytherin’s sense of superiority.Examples of cruel Slytherins are Voldemort, Grindelwald, Bellatrix, Snape, Draco, etc., all of whom are cruel in varying degrees.Cruelty has been a characteristic throughout the history of Slytherin House, both on a scale and on a personal level.