March 15 is not “showtime”, Enterprises should beware of “March 16 Mentality”

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Source: Beijing original title: March 15 is not “show time”, the enterprise should be vigilant mentality “” 3 · 16 | fast evaluation bring CCTV exposure 3 • 15 party a company’s anchorwoman micro reliance for male operations, designed lie to male fans.Yesterday was The March 15 International Consumer Rights Day, another wave of violations of consumer rights and interests were intensively exposed.I believe that in yesterday, many enterprises are very nervous.They pay attention to all kinds of media reports, scanning all kinds of public opinion, afraid of their list.Even before that, some enterprises may have made inquiries and worked out relationships to make it through March 15.If nothing happens on March 15, then some enterprises may immediately enter a “March 16 mentality” : the tension immediately relaxes, and business goes on as usual.For these companies, all the energy is focused on the “big test” of March 15, as if the protection of consumer rights has become a test, and the work is only focused on that day.If this becomes a general state of mind, it is undoubtedly another mistake.▲ CCTV 3•15 party exposure “pit pickled cabbage”, staff in the production process of smoking, wearing shoes and other improper behavior.The purpose of CCTV Finance 3·15 is to use this day to arouse the attention of the whole society to the protection of consumer rights and interests, is to let the authenticity of goods, product safety, respect for consumers these basic business ethics become the daily operation of enterprises, become a conscious behavior mode.Rather than companies suddenly turning on the day and trying to get away with it.Take some cases exposed this year for example, no matter the pickled cabbage you step on with your feet, or the advanced certificate of medical aesthetics made in 6 days, or the ham sausage you pick up directly from the ground, these problems do not appear overnight, and in some industries, I’m afraid there is no secret.Some of the companies involved have previous convictions, several “rectification”, but the operation is still illegal.The emergence of problems is the result of long-term neglect of supervision, not an occasional mistake, nor can it be erased in a short period of time.If companies focus all their energy on the March 15 issue and enter a “March 16 mentality” after the March 15 event, they will only delay the resolution of the issue and aggravate the infringement of consumers’ rights. Moreover, it is not the intention of the March 15 International Consumer Rights Day.▲ CCTV 3•15 evening exposure of medical beauty crash course chaos.After a number of enterprises were exposed yesterday, we can see that many corporate governance and regulatory actions have started almost overnight.Two pickle manufacturers, Jiaqi Vegetable industry and Jinrui Food Co., which were suspected of “stepping on pickled cabbage”, were shut down almost overnight. Master Kong removed the products and apologized.Shuanghui, which was exposed for “frequent chaos in the production workshop”, also suspended those responsible.Yongdexiang jade, Shili group direct broadcast room and other suspected emerald live fraud involved enterprises, shop was also removed…Such quick gestures and thunderous actions are certainly necessary, but also make people feel the power of March 15.But if you think about it carefully, if enterprises strictly abide by the rules of the industry in their daily operations, how can they become the object of public criticism and criticism on March 15, and how can they have the overnight statement, emergency and burning fire after that?What should be more vigilant is that if the various rectification measures of some enterprises are just to cope with the public opinion on March 15, it is not allowed to relapse after the wind has passed.March 15 is not a “showtime,” it’s a collective emphasis on rules.This point, do not allow enterprises to have cognitive misunderstandings.To put an end to the “3·16 mentality” of enterprises, it is also necessary for the supervision level to make efforts to strengthen effective supervision on a daily basis.After public opinion exposure, it is often seen that relevant departments deploy “special actions” to carry out “centralized rectification”.This kind of strength is necessary, but this kind of strength how to penetrate into the daily market supervision, is still a serious topic for the relevant departments.Objectively speaking, China’s overall market order has been improved and the protection of consumers’ rights and interests has been strengthened. All these are visible progress.This day has created huge public pressure. It has become the focus of the whole society on the quality of goods and services, forcing enterprises to operate in accordance with laws and regulations.From this point of view, March 15 was a success.However, the endless chaos of March 15 each year is still a reminder that consumer rights protection is ultimately a long-term project in daily life. The illegal behavior of enterprises and market supervision repeatedly seesaws, a little slack will rebound.From this point of view, the March 15 movement has left a new task for society, which is how to make the achievements of this day carry over into the remaining 300 days.The Beijing news special correspondent | jiang (media)