New district detachment and grass-roots grid members to carry out “knock on the door” fire publicity activities

2022-07-25 0 By

In order to draw lessons from recent fire accidents, strengthen fire prevention and control at grassroots level and effectively curb the tendency of “small fire fatalities”.In the afternoon of February 16th, the new district detachment jointly carried out “knock on the door” fire protection publicity with grassroots grid members, popularizing the fire safety knowledge of the masses, enhancing the awareness of fire safety prevention, and improving the ability of self-protection.Propagandists went deep into the lanshi home community along the street shops to carry out “knock on the door” fire publicity activities.Activities with extensive publicity to escape, popularize knowledge of fire prevention as the main content, through the fire control safety knowledge, extend publicity materials, for shops along the street in detail how to deal with when the fire, how to correctly at the beginning fire alarm system and how to save the content such as, to remind store owner must pay attention to the use of fire, electricity and gas safety,Master the most basic fire knowledge, once the fire to minimize the loss, to avoid casualties.At the same time, the publicity personnel combined with their own work experience, the correct use of fire extinguishers and daily maintenance methods were explained in detail, hand in hand to teach the masses how to use the fire extinguishers to put out the fire. Under the guidance of the publicity personnel, the masses tried to operate the fire extinguishers, showing that they had learned practical fire safety knowledge.Through this activity, effectively tamped the fire prevention and control work at the base end.In the next step, the detachment will continue to carry out fire publicity and training for shops along the street, enhance the fire resistance ability of the masses, create a good fire safety environment for the district, and lay a solid foundation for the community fire safety work.