Why were flag-bearers not attacked without weapons on ancient battlefields?The reason is simple

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The outside world wondered why the enemy did not attack the soldier carrying the flag first when the two armies engaged in battle.After all, the flag-bearer has no other weapons and is easier to deal with than the others.In dramas and movies based on ancient wars, it is common to see soldiers marching into battle with the flag. In fact, the military flag is an essential part of war. However, people may wonder why soldiers carrying the flag are not attacked because they are unarmed.The reason behind it is simple!In ancient wars, the flag is mainly used to show the camp, to tell the friends and enemies which dynasty and army they are. Wherever the flag goes, it represents that the city has been occupied by the side.The second is the “shuai flag”, which is used to show the identity of the commander and tell the enemy who is in charge of the troops.The flag-bearer of these two kinds of flags is not allowed to charge into battle, but only to show his identity and position of the commander. The flag-bearer only needs to follow the commander in chief. Otherwise, once the commander in chief’s flag falls, his soldiers will think that he is defeated and start to flee.The third type is the “command flag”, when marching, each infantry team will be given a flag.As troops are mobilized by drums on the battlefield, soldiers in the distance may not be able to hear them, so they have to rely on command flags to command and mobilize troops, and the general commander will indicate the offensive position through different colors of command flags.The north raised the black flag “, so the soldiers carrying the flag in the front line would charge in the direction given by the commander, and the soldiers of the unit to which the flag belonged would closely follow the flag.So in ancient times, the first thing to learn was “visual jingqi”.If flags play such an important role on the battlefield, why doesn’t the enemy attack the flag bearer first when the two armies meet?After all, the flag-bearer has no other weapons and is easier to deal with than the others.In fact, the reason behind it is very simple, because the flag is so important, so the military laws of all dynasties have strict regulations, once the flag carrying soldiers hold the flag is not correct, they will be beheaded;If the flag is lost, the whole team is beheaded, sometimes even family members.As a result, it is difficult for the flag-bearer to break through the barriers to reach the flag bearer, who is protected by all the soldiers in the charging party.