Recommend 2 end novel, 1 time travel, 1 weird xiu true, good quality can be Chou Chou

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Genre: science fiction, time travel, virtual reality.Good-looking not fire series.This is one of the few real (soft) science fiction novels of late, featuring a psychologist in a country in a parallel world.Originally, as a talented handsome man with special talent, the protagonist had a very dull and boring life both at work and during rest time.(The daily details of the protagonist will not say, anyway, I have been to Versailles…)Until one day, only existed in the rumor of “inside the world”, he invited the protagonist to test a “surreal game”, so that the protagonist’s life has brought a huge change.(The world in the book has “Outer world” and “inner world”, “outer world” technology life is similar to real life, and “inner world” is full of black technology.) But this game looks like the average virtual game — no!In order to avoid attracting gods and beasts, I will not go into details about the plot of the game. In short, the time span in the game is very large, and the author uses a few words to construct a huge world view of technology and magic, ignorance and civilization, continuous evolution, integration and confrontation.(and the oppression and rise of capital and whatnot) highly recommended!”I was forced to dig the wall of evil god” author lazy bird status has come to an end 1.25 million words or so type: weird, true, data panel.Lazy Bird just finished his novel. To tell you the truth, I’ve been getting a little tired of his books lately.(One of the characteristics of the lazy bird is that the main characters in his books are always doomed to be liver emperors, especially in Farmer Fierce and this one.) I have read this book since it was first serialized, but I have only recently been able to read it.All right, we’re done teasing the author, and back to business.It’s a pre-contemplative world that has been invaded and polluted by evil gods, and the main character is one of the few remaining monks in this pre-contemplative world, if they are monks at all.I’m sure some people will ask why I say pre-real world, mainly because since the monks in the book world, unable to resist the invasion of evil gods.Except for a few lucky monks, the vast majority of creatures have either become followers of evil gods or become polluted and alienated monsters.And that’s not the end of it, in the context of environmental upheaval, reiki exhaustion, all living creatures are enemies.The surviving monks used a method similar to “raising pigs” in order to survive.They recruited survivors and then casually taught them for a few days to create consumables that resembled the Fruu at the expense of their energy.If things went on like this, even if the surviving monks could “even if they could”, they would still be doomed. That’s why I call it the pre-real world.(Monks are almost extinct, and it is obviously inappropriate to name after them.) Of course, this situation began to change after the protagonist through, maybe those evil gods who are good at polluting others, how could they not think of, there is a kind of hanging 13 in the world.The protagonist is not only not afraid of evil pollution, but also can use the “brush strange” way to collect wool from the evil god, is also no one, recommended.(The gold finger of the protagonist is called the Air Furnace, which functions like the player board of krypton liver game.) If you feel these two novels are ok, please help to like, follow, bookmark, forward, recommend, coin, thank you!# Novel recommendation #