Zhangjiakou Mobile carried out a series of optimization tests to ensure high-speed railway 5G ultra HD live broadcasting

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“We have continued to carry out a series of optimization tests and successfully guaranteed 32 CCTV 5G ultra HD live broadcasts of high-speed trains. The 5G network is stable.”Zhangjiakou mobile related staff said.A 5G ultra HD studio for the Beijing Winter Olympics train and high-speed railway was launched at Qinghe station in Beijing, Capital of China, Jan. 6, 2018.It is the first time in the world that an ULTRA HD live broadcasting studio will be built on a high-speed train running at 350 kilometers per hour based on 5G technology to achieve long-term and stable transmission of ultra HD signals.5G technology will not only provide high-quality services for the Beijing Winter Olympics, but also promote the deep integration of railway technology and 5G technology, as well as the organic integration of mass railway and mass media, so as to better meet the people’s yearning for a better travel and cultural life.As the direct broadcast service requires the high-speed railway 5G private network to have a stable rate throughout the whole process, any level sudden drop, switching delay and excessive switching may affect the direct broadcast effect.The terrain along the high-speed railway is complex, the wireless network environment is complex, and the equipment is in the state of fast movement.With these factors, it is a great challenge to maintain a wireless network in a stable state throughout the whole process.Therefore, in terms of guarantee scheme, Zhangjiakou Mobile, together with relevant departments of Hebei Province and Beijing, adopts two guarantee strategies based on single user level and bearer level to ensure the highest priority of CCTV HD live broadcast.After the guarantee scheme was defined, a series of optimization tests were carried out to improve the coverage capacity of taizicheng platform by adding a special sector covering the platform.At the same time, sectors and power were adjusted and optimized, and 64 sectors and 11 power optimization cells were adjusted in total, which solved the problems of switching delay and overfrequency.For CCTV live broadcast, Zhangjiakou Mobile provided the front desk with linkage guarantee. The front desk followed up the test with the same car, monitored the live broadcast process in real time, recorded and made preliminary judgment and informed the background for verification when abnormal situations were found.The background monitors the live broadcast rate and event situation in real time through the system platform, grasps the network performance in the whole process, and finds problems in time;At the same time, signaling tracing, signaling analysis for found problems, accurate analysis of the cause of the problem, optimization and adjustment;Background real-time fault monitoring and processing, on-site feedback problems “zero time difference” docking.According to statistics, after two months of continuous adjustment and retest starting from November 2021, various problems found during the live broadcast test have been solved in time and closed loop. The speed of 5G network has remained stable throughout the whole process, meeting the requirements of CCTV for HD live broadcast.Editor: Li Yawen