Apologize in tears!Sun Long late at night issued a series of six sorry won the most praised netizen message bright point

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The short-track speed skating competition at the Beijing Winter Olympics came to a close on Sunday night with the men’s 5,000m relay final, where China had hoped to win at least one medal.The Chinese had been in fifth place in the early laps, but Wu accelerated to a perfect pass and China caught up to third.Unfortunately, Sun long made a serious mistake and lost his balance and fell on the ice.Although Ren Ziwei reacted quickly and bent down to finish the relay, but it was too late, the Chinese team had been too far away from the other teams.In the end, Team Canada won the championship, Team Korea was runner-up, team Italy was third, and team China was fifth.After the game, Sun Long’s mistake became the focus of media attention, Wang Meng in commentary also once again expressed his emotions.Sun long also apologized to his teammates in the first time.”We will not blame him, but give him more encouragement,” Wu told the media. “This is his first Time to participate in the Winter Olympics. He was very upset.According to the reporter, Wu Dajing comforted Sun Long in the first time and encouraged Sun Long not to be discouraged.”This competition is also good training for him. After all, he is only 20 years old and will get better in the future,” Wu said.We don’t care why he missed, maybe there was too much pressure on him, and that pressure is not something we can handle.”On the night of February 16, Beijing time, Sun Long apologized again through social media. Sun long used “I’m sorry” six times in a row. The apology was posted on social media for four hours, and received more than 400,000 likes and 43,000 comments.”Please hit us hard in the face with the next Olympics, have a good rest, competitive sports is full of regret, love you all!Many netizens offered encouragement and comfort: you need to reflect and accept criticism, but you can’t give up and fight back with your achievements!Come on, Sun Long, I hope you can redeem yourself with a medal or even a gold medal in four years!