Liu Hongjian, member of the Standing Committee of kunming Municipal Party Committee: Improve the city appearance environment, improve the quality image, and make the city more beautiful and attractive

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On March 26, Liu Hongjian, member of the standing Committee of CPC Provincial Committee and secretary of CPC Municipal Party Committee, led a team to investigate urban environmental renovation and quality improvement.Liu stressed the need to adhere to the people-centered development philosophy, in accordance with the deployment requirements of the provincial Party Committee and the provincial government, comprehensively promote the implementation of seven major actions to improve the quality of the city, improve the city appearance environment, improve the quality image, and make the city more beautiful and attractive.Liu Hongjian and his delegation inspected the water safety and comprehensive improvement of water environment of Jinjuhe River and the renovation of rain and sewage diversion in Jinxing Community of Panlong District, and got a detailed understanding of the construction of beautiful river and the progress of rain and sewage diversion work.Hong-jian liu stressed that the relevant departments at all levels should fully learn from the advanced areas of good experience, adhere to discuss ways to build, do a good job of “water”, play “ecological” brand, the advance of “one river and a slip” channel management, make overall water environment comprehensive improvement, coastal landscape beautification, promoting health pavement construction, flood discharge capacity, etc,Create a beautiful river with “smooth river, clear water, green bank and beautiful scenery”.We will adhere to the principle of overall planning at the municipal level and coordination among urban areas, make greater efforts to upgrade rainwater and sewage diversion in major urban areas, speed up the construction of rainwater and sewage pipelines, focus on shoring up weak areas, and effectively reduce the risk of pollution caused by overflow during the rainy season.We need to strengthen monitoring, scheduling and management of urban drainage, explore the establishment of a joint drainage and adjustment mechanism, improve the capacity of drainage to prevent waterlogging, and solve the problem of urban waterlogging during the rainy season.To minimize the impact of rainwater and sewage diversion reform on urban traffic, do a good job of publicity and explanation patiently and carefully, and actively strive for the understanding and support of the broad masses.In Cuihu Historical and Cultural Area, Liu Hongjian learned about the construction project of Cuihu North Gate Square and the reconstruction of historical and cultural streets and lanes, and listened to the report on the protection and planning of Kunming historical and cultural city, renovation and upgrading of cuihu historical and cultural area, and upgrading and renovation along the Panlong River.Liu hongjian stressed the need to vigorously implement the protection and upgrading of famous historical and cultural cities, further explore and comb historical and cultural resources, comprehensively strengthen the protection of historical and cultural heritage, reshape historical features, and inherit the historical context.We should strengthen the awareness of fine works and details, elaborate design, fine construction and exquisite management, promote the renovation and upgrading of the historical and cultural area around Cuihu lake with high standards, and create a high-quality and high-grade historical and cultural area.According to the idea of “big scenic area”, cuihu Area should actively promote the integrated development of culture and tourism, improve tourism infrastructure and smart tourism application, tell good historical and cultural stories, optimize the layout of surrounding businesses, improve tourism service functions, and strive to build Cuihu Area into a new benchmark for the integrated development of culture and tourism.Xu Xiaomei, Sun Jie and Chen Wei participated in the research.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: