Views on shenzhen Civic Center light show

2022-07-27 0 By

Light show in shenzhen citizen center views in this national celebration, to celebrate the Spring Festival day in the New Year on January 31 and on January 29th, went to appreciate the light show civic center square, are spending a lot of time, after being told to cancel the light show performances, but 30 and light show, just choose to two time no light show, this is really a shame,The puzzling Shenzhen government.On New Year’s Eve, many shenzhen residents gathered at the Futian Civic Center square in order to enjoy the new light show, but this wish was delayed, watching others share, is also very hungry.In the Chinese New Year such a good day are not to watch, I would like to ask the opening date?Is it because of the recent detection of a positive infection, living in Dongguan, in shiyan work, if this is the reason, that is excusable.I have not seen the light show for more than a year. I hope I can take a picture of it and share it with friends all over the country, so that everyone can experience the beauty, high-tech and prosperity of Shenzhen online. Shenzhen is a warm city.We hope that the light show can be resumed as soon as possible, so that shenzhen citizens can have a meaningful, peaceful and happy Chinese New Year.Come on, I believe the city government will be able to deal with the epidemic immediately.Today is the first day, happy New Year to everyone!I wish you all good health, a happy family and good fortune!