You Chengfeng, standing Committee of wudu District Committee and Political Commissar of the Ministry of Human Resources and Armed Forces, visited wudu District forest fire brigade

2022-07-27 0 By

Recently, The Standing Committee of the Wudu District Committee, the political commissar of the Department of Human Resources and Armed Forces you Chengfeng led the deputy director of the Standing Committee of the District People’s Congress Meng Wusheng, the deputy head of the district government Li Jun visited the wudu district forest fire brigade all fire rescue personnel.Sympathy, to swim team when tang JunZhengWei ChengFeng commissar line introduced the brigade party organization construction, team management, on duty training, emergency rescue work situation, such as swimming ChengFeng commissar brigade fire rescue personnel for party peace, regard the people as their loved ones work style and brave indomitable, the spirit of selfless dedication gave high evaluation,He also expressed sincere thanks for the outstanding contribution he has made to protecting people’s lives and property and maintaining social stability in the region.He pointed out that wu district forest fire brigade is a special can bear, especially can combat, special to offer emergency rescue team, in the past year to reload, practice ability, the successful completion of the various emergency rescue mission, we hope you continue to carry forward is not afraid of hardship, indomitable spirit, continue to maintain high morale,Throw into the New Year’s work with full enthusiasm.Finally, the brigade leader on behalf of all the fire brigade rescue workers to district party committee and government leadership concern sympathy expressed sincere gratitude, and said in the future will remember “be loyal and disciplined, go through fire and water, wholeheartedly for the people,” the general requirements of, sheer will, sublimation and in a more inspiring spirit into the emergency rescue work,For the resident emergency rescue cause to contribute their own strength.