Youth strong cohesion state | I f cotton area in 2022 winter vacation “return home” social practice a great finale!

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Fumian District Youth League Committee launched the winter vacation practice activity of “Returning home” in January 2022, providing a platform for college students to build a beautiful hometown and contribute their youth strength.With the youth League district Committee, college student volunteers went to Hengling Primary school and Zhongpo Primary school in Fumian Town, Dayi Teaching Point of Maidong Primary School in Shihe Town and Shatin Water teaching point to provide children care services.Volunteers through heart-warming communication, to understand their study and life, and encourage them to embrace hope, optimistic attitude and positive face all kinds of difficulties and challenges, looking forward to meeting them at the summit.As the epidemic situation in Baise of Guangxi is severe, volunteers have actively responded to the call and joined the emergency epidemic prevention and control team in Fumian District without hesitation. They have the courage to shoulder their own responsibilities and contribute to epidemic prevention and control.When talking about the sudden outbreak, volunteers said, “We are not fighting alone, but we are united as one.We believe that with our joint efforts, the epidemic will be defeated.On January 24th, the youth League District Committee invited representatives of college students who “returned home” to participate in the district “The Communist Youth League and NPC deputies, CPPCC members face to face” activity symposium.Student representatives actively contribute ideas and suggestions at the symposium. Through participating in the symposium, they further deepen their understanding of the policies and development of their hometown and enhance their emotional identity in the construction of their hometown.”I get things done for the populace” on the eve of Spring Festival in 2022, 2022 volunteers carried out positive sign up for TuanOuWei “flag pilot beautiful blessing continous” Spring Festival couplets couplets on the Spring Festival to send righteousness activities, 2022 road “warm home, warm current action” migrant workers safe home city volunteer activity, “to meet the New Year, send warm” sympathy activities before the Spring Festival and other activities of volunteer service work,In the hands-on experience to enhance the love of home, return home.All things in the winter cold pine and cypress yan, the first sprout has qingfen.Is such a group of college students, all things in the winter vacation came to the campus, to send warmth and care for the children;In rural communities and hospitals where cold wind hunts, a red vest will forget the winter cold and fight against the epidemic.At the grassroots level to carry out part-time exercise work, actively participate in the practice of fumian district, contribute to the development of hometown youth strength!Photo and text collection: Fumian District Committee of the Communist Youth League Editor: Ma Yongping Review: Shuimu Flying Songs produced: Fumian Rong Media Center submission when you receive 0771-12340 poll telephone survey of the satisfaction of the sense of security of the masses, please be patient to answer, objective and fair answer, praise for the construction of Peace and happiness.Kapok open well-being yan Mian END tell a good fumian story spread fumian sound set up fumian image