All new RX5 MAX Starship

2022-07-28 0 By

Roewe RX5?MAX, upgrade offer MAX.Now the new RX5MAX has been on the market, and all the gifts and sincerity in Roewe 4S shop in March.Roewe?RX5?MAX?Around MAX strong aesthetics,?MAX Theatre Space,?MAX Intelligent cockpit,?MAX core performance, MAX safety intelligent driving six aspects to users brought a new guochao intelligent networking hardcore medium-sized SUV.MAX strong aesthetics: solid bright silver, bumper design xinghai Battleship LED technology headlights, intelligent blue color car paint.MAX Theater Space: Oversized multi-purpose trunk space,?Galaxy class panoramic skylight, black and grey interior.MAX Intelligent cockpit: Sky-Eye makes it all start with face brushing.Ar-driving real-life Driving assistance system 2.0, so that navigation guidance and the real environment perfect integration, WHAT you see is what you get.Intelligent car information function, more private information, safer driving, more intelligent interaction.Flash assistant, driving inspiration timely record and memo, and synchronization to the cloud, mobile phone APP and car will be active reminder.This March, let’s keep the party going.In March, Roewe send gifts, car welfare to attack, a number of models to pick you dazzling, super benefits to get your hands soft, we sincerely invite you and your family to come to test drive.